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Alienn - Unlimited Force EP

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Artist: Alienn

Title: Unlimited Force EP

Label: Kaos Krew

Date: September, 2012


1. Unlimited Force

2. Destruction


"Go get the sandwiches we're hungry."


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Looking to stay one step ahead of Subway, Quiznos begins experimenting in non-traditional markets.


This is Patrik Ferreira from Switzerland and I would be fall over shocked if you didn't already know that. His album Cosmic Matter was an intense experiment in acid management. Good news people, he shows no signs of relenting. If the dance floors were a raging forest fire his solution is to throw a bucket of acid on it. It'll sort itself out either way. Big beats and a rapid pace are the backbone for the two tracks with more acid per measure than I have ever heard. This is adrenaline fueled mayhem that is not to be taken lightly. Unlimited Force has a little hitch in its giddy up as if he wanted to let you know he started the fire. Destruction proceeds to then fight that fire with a grenade as it pounds with concussive force. His shows must trigger earthquakes.


He continues to impress with his all out balls to the wall style and this is a must have if you are a fan of the acid based twilight genre.


Juno Download



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