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Liquid Flow - Cosmic Ascension EP


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Artist: Liquid Flow

Title: Cosmic Ascension EP

Label: Spacedock Records

Date: September, 2012


1. Cosmic Ascension

2. A New World

3. 2012


"Great moments are born from great opportunities."


Nothing like a sample from Miracle on Ice. Right now it would be a miracle if the millionaires would stop acting like self-important pricks and get back on the f*cking ice. Don't make me watch basketball. Don't make me.


Tomislav Savic is yet another Croatian in the seemingly dominant wave of artists erupting from the Balkans. Having released a successful Ep (Goa Terminal), album (Presence) and who knows how many compilation tracks he presents you with his latest EP release. It's on Spacedock Records and I tell you this fledgeling label is making me sit up and take notice. The Alien Humanity EP by Vox was one of the most impressive contributions to goa trance IMO and even had Jesus chiming in. Check the review, you'll see. Not to mention the great Unvisited Galaxies EP by Goasia and we might be seeing the rise of another goa trance label. One can hope.


See that cover? Pretty ain't it? This digital release is exactly what you would expect from that cover. It is a ride through space with lofty melodies and high technology power. Bubbly effects and 303's boil like a cauldron threatening to overflow. A New World is a stormer with nothing necessarily new to offer, but it's power and layers had me twirling nonetheless. The closer 2012 has deep goa roots with floaty trance melodies.


So while some may say we've seen this movie before I say true, but Event Horizon was a good f*cking movie. Recommended.


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