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Ubar Tmar aka uvAntam Live (Japan) + Process (UK) - (31/03/2013) - Belgium


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A party by Mr. Crash & Dr. Gonzo...

:::: LINE-UP ::::


(Panorama, Boom!, Japan)

Enjoy these live-sets: http://bit.ly/RMwrfH & http://bit.ly/Py5nUX !!! **

!!! first time in Belgium ever !!!


(Twisted,Creamcrop,Flying Rhino,Matsuri,TIP,... ,UK)
Check: http://bit.ly/PmBzcM

Facebook-event: https://www.facebook...93211557369663/


(DJ-set, All Funghed Up, Boom festival, Godfather of the Belgian Progressive scene...)
He will play an oldskool deep space progressive set style 2000

Mister Crash
( DJ-set, www.analoguerenaissance.com )


Don't know what kind of music to expect? CHECK THESE TWO LIVE-SETS from Ubar Tmar:
Live-set in Israel (2010): http://bit.ly/Py5nUX
Live-set in Israel (2012): http://bit.ly/RMwrfH

Review of latest release of UBAR TMAR, "Ubarpedia" on this site: http://bit.ly/T5FX28

Some excerpts:
-All in all, this CD made me SO freaking happy, I really enjoyed this marvelous trip through the cosmic landscapes that Ubar can create. There is nobody that makes music like you do, I am really moved and so happy about this release. 10/10

-THIS is definitely THE ALBUM of the year, nothing can compare to this and nothing can equal it, sorry, that's just too magical and too perfect in every aspect, it has all you may want from psychedelic goa trance.

Ubar Tmar on facebook:

UvAntam Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/T5G1iu


Old school mental mind fuck music. Slices the brain into stuff to eat. He will not only play his own music, but also other crazy ape shit monkey fuck ass music. If you didn't understand the last sentance,: it's gonna be psychedelic music "haute couture". Get your brain ready to let it melt away into space. Electrocution or nuclear fusion, the way doens't matter, it's the destination that matters.

Hit van Process: http://bit.ly/PmBzcM


:: WHERE? ::

Black box Artcube, Wiedauwkaai , Ghent, Belgium

Airco, Extra sound-absorbing walls & floor.

!!! Ultra Hi-Tech Super Soundsystem !!!

before midnight: 15 euro

after midnight: 20 euro

Facebook-link: https://www.facebook...93211557369663/

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I will come to this event, I cannot miss the opportunity to meet the Master of Psychedelia!!

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