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Space Baby Records Present VA Misterika festival – Tree of the Life Pt.1

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Space Baby records presents: sbcd011


VA.......................VA Misterika festival – Tree of the Life (part 1)

GENRE................... CD 1 - Forest Psy, Suomi, Morning Full

CD 2 - Psy Chill , Ambient , Ethnic


Tracks...................CD 1 - 10 CD 2 - 9




Cd 1

1. SWA – Zemlya (INTRO) 08:44

2. Re Horakhty – FWM 06:31

3. DoHm – Peace of Tunguska 07:20

4. Kala – Povik 08:06

5. Shiva3 - Misterikana 08:34

6. Vishuddha – Mono 08:48

7. Mandala Vandalaz - z-man 06:27

8. Kalumet – Ingatlan 06:12

9. Crystal Monkey – The Space Cat 08:03

10. M.E.E.O – Sambucus 09:52

Total time : 76:77

Сd 2


1. SWA – Utica 11:45

2. Squazoid – psylosphere 07:51

3. Secret Vibes – Terre Happy 03:53

4. Shiva3 – Amazon Ritual 07:32

5. Kyoto – Anahata 10:36

6. Squazoid – boombolom 06:28

7. Kalumet in dub - ingatlan dub 08:36

8. Ygdrasill – Riddlefish 09:18

9. Freesian – Highest Perch (OUTRO) 07:31

Total time : 71:30


Compilation : Oku & Iri & Nikol

Art Work : Smile Buddha

Mastering : Dimitro (Zymosis)



Misterika – is a single pulsing organism which soul exists in the very core of humanity and interaction. All our new ideas, creative art experience, relationship with people and nature have made a way to one common goal which is development of the consciousness of those who seek the purity of mind, union and help in art realization of oneself and other people. This help is given by the community through music, design, performance, art exhibitions, lectures, movie shows and many other things.Music part of the festival, apart of psy and ethno, will include other styles which will give our guests a possibility to have rest and relax, chat with each other and enrich their own knowledge in electronic music. The style specter is quite huge and will have such music as ambient, downtempo, idm, dub, raggey, experimental and live shows of musicians in chill, jazz, ethno styles as well which will bring a special touch to the festival itself.







Contact :

Email misterikafestival@gmail.com

Skype – misterika

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Dear friends!

It left quite a bit of time before the official release- at the end of this month a new album and a compilation Shiva3 VA Misterika Tree of the Life 2 cd will be officially presented at the beatspace as well as all of our partners.

For all who want to buy CDs now the label carries out the action

From 20/11/12 to 12/01/2012 you can buy CDs of our label for a special price:

1. novelty

Shiva3 new album - 7 euro

Misterika tree of the life 2 cd - 11 euro

2. All our other releases during the campaign you can also purchase at a discount - 6 euros for 1 cd or 10 euros for all three discs.

You can pay through: paypal / webmoney / western & moneygram

Sending drive any convenient way:

for Ukraine - New mail, Gunsel, Autolux.

for other countries - (simple or air mail, TNT, DHL), or in any convenient manner.

Payment for delivery to the recipient.

Those wishing to purchase Cd contact:



email spacebaby2008@gmail.com

skype - okujah

skype - psygoatonik

tel +3 095 7941997

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