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Solar Spectrum & Omsphere - The Earthlings


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Artist: Solar Spectrum & Omsphere

Title: The Earthlings

Label: Free-Spirit Records

Date: 03-05-2011

Style: Progressive Psytrance




1. Omsphere - Earthling (Solar Spectrum Remix)

2. Solar Spectrum - Underground Bouncers (Omsphere Remix)

3. Solar Spectrum & Omsphere - Solar Journey


As some of you may know, Free Spirit Records has a lot of good stuff lately but not all of it is known to the audience. I discovered this release a while ago and it has entertained me ever since. It's a combination of remixes and tracks by Omsphere and Solar Spectrum. You may know Solar Spectrum from projects such as Rastaliens and Braincell. Omsphere, label manager of this record label is also known as Journey and Crocodile Rangers. At least now you have a bit of an impression with who we are dealing with.


What makes this release different than others, is that there is a lot of focus on the psychedelic aspect of trance. While keeping the focus they also made sure of a groovy, bouncy and playful vibe. There's a lot going on, all the time. A perfect example is the very first track Earthling. It definitely didn't bore me, but I can't say it's the best of what this release has to offer.


Underground Bouncers is a lovely track, a little more straight forward if you will. The bass line is strong, the effects are perfectly balanced and you can feel the track going somewhere. Everything is well thought about and the entire track gives a bit of a liquid feeling. After about 6 minutes or so you understand where this song was going in the first place. I know the last part of songs are usually the best, but this time it really did the job.


Solar Journey is the last track and my favorite at the same time. I don't know, it's just a little more original. I'm not trying to say the first 2 tracks weren't original because I wouldn't be giving them enough credit. But this one really surprised me from the beginning. They stepped out of the regular progressive format and created something bouncy, catchy but at the same time maintaining psychedelic. Once again, the best is saved for last and I'm very happy with what this EP has brought. Great job, definitely worth the money in my opinion.











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