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Unseen Dimensions - Real High EP


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Artist: Unseen Dimensions

Title: Real High EP

Label: Spin Twist Records

Date: 29-06-2012

Style: Progressive Trance




1. Beautiful Day

2. Gold Star (Natural Vibes Remix)

3. Real High


Unseen Dimensions is all about the groove, he made this very clear with his Airglow EP, released in 2011. In my opinion this was one of the best progressive EP's I heard in my life and it takes a lot to over class it. This style is truly original and I can't remember hearing anything similar to it. I like it when someone goes out of there way to create something new, it really makes it worth listening to. So far Airglow, now it's time to get Real High. I mean this in in every sense of the word.


Beautiful Day is a great track, going a bit more towards the Spin Twist offbeat style but staying loyal to the original twisted funky sounds that I'm used to hearing. It's filled with all kinds of layers making it a very clever track. There's so much going on, that I wasn't bored once. Enjoyed it a lot!


Now I think Gold Star is a hard one to remix. One again the original track was filled with all kinds of effects, making it very atmospheric and complicated in a good way. Actually I just played it before the Natural Vibe remix and it always stays a real journey. The remix is much more powerful and aggressive if you will. The bass line is heavy and you can still sense the original track in it. I can imagine a dance floor will go crazy over this one. Near the end I was thinking about how much I enjoyed it so far. Then it surprised me with some dubstep like ending, this disappointed me. Things would of been so much cooler if that was left out. Luckily it was near the end and not right in the middle. But still..


The last track was not my favorite, I can say it was a fun little floater. Real High just had a little less to offer than all the other tracks I know from Unseen Dimensions. I don't know, other tracks were filled all the way so this gives me a slightly empty feeling. Never the less, I get the impression this guy knows what he's doing. This release is a good piece of work, but I think it will be hard for anyone to create something as good as his first EP. Good job!













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