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The Mixing Chef - Intense Meditative Trip Sessions Vol. 1


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Artist: The Mixing Chef

Title: Intense Meditative Trip Sessions Vol. 1

Label: Cyan Music

Date: April, 2012


1 - Ongoing Harmony (79 BPM)

2 - Nearby River Flowing (90 BPM)

3 - Technetium (90 BPM)

4 - Psyciety (92 BPM)

5 - I Can't Breathe (100 BPM)

6 - Acid (Bright Colours) (79 BPM)





You know for the longest time I believed there to be only one chef that mattered.


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I find it amusing and sad that in order to market him in the US at that time they had to dumb his name down. Boyardi? Too ethnic, people will think he's a communist and they won't want his sh*t on their dinner table!



When we all know that there can be only one. Ran this through google translator because apparently only elves and pixies actually speak Swedish.


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"F*ck You Gordon Ramsay! You stole my bit mother f*cker! F*ck you, f*ck your mother, f*ck this fucking apron! F*ck your show and your fat f*cking co-chefs. Try making me cry mother f*cker I'll f*cking slice you with some dual cleaver action. F*ck this turtle and what the f*ck? Why the f*ck am I cracking eggs on a f*cking turtle? Who f*cking writes this sh*t"



Holy sh*t Gordon did steal his bit.



Apparently there is a new chef in town. The mixing chef. Don't all chef's mix? Whatever, he is Kristof Du Mon and the promo spared no cooking pun in describing his assemblage of downtempo music.


Ongoing Harmony- Nice beats and heavenly pads join twinkling melodies making for the best track right out of the gate.


Nearby River Flowing- It does have the vibe of a flowing river, but just like a river if I stare at it long enough time vanishes. Meh.


Technetium- 11 minutes! I really think my attention span is shrinking rapidly. Anyone got the cliff notes for this thing? 5 minutes to go and I'm really not connecting with this. It's one of those that just kinda...goes.


Psyciety- Jesus Tap Dancing Christ another 11 minutes?!?!? At this pace it'll take an hour. But I suppose hurtling through outer space at 1 mile an hour with this soundtrack won't be all that bad. There are some rapid percussive elements that make it seem like we are soaring past undiscovered planets. The last bit sounds as if the computer is picking up signs of life from the surface of one of those planets. Different.


I Can't Breathe- It's holding down a funky breakbeat with some warped bass effect and various synthetics. I liked it.


Acid (Bright Colours)- I didn't hear any acid but I think I did hear some quality beatboxing. It moves at a slow plodding pace with some bright sunshine pads sparkling in my eyes. Then it switches to a drum centric beat to close. Not bad


It really is a collection of different styles of downtempo music. Some tracks are pretty long as I mentioned and you can really zone out. I know I did. Not the best stuff I have ever heard, but I always like to support new artists.


Free at Ektoplazm



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