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Science-fiction is the name of the game!


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Format: Download

Cat#: DVSMDIG001

Mastered by: Colin Bennun (OOOD)

Artwork by: Rusty Psyflyart


LAB’s first EP on DVSM Records is a tribute to science-fiction and in particular great writers of space opera, whose visions have inspired generations, predicting the future as it were. ‘Clean Air Turbulence’ is also our take on an online exhibition in the spirit of DVSM. Hit up the online experience website and plunge into the world of LAB.


If you like this concept and appreciate the work we’ve put in, in particular Renato’s since the music is his serving, please feel free to read more and find out how you can support this release, LAB, and our future projects.


Track list:

01 - Ascendant Stars (6:11)

02 - Clean Air Turbulence (7:28)

03 - Consider Phlebas (7:05)


Available on September 7.


If you're interested in reviewing this release, please get in touch by e-mailing us at info (at) dvsmrecords.org , thank you.


Hear one of the three tracks FULL VERSION @ soundcloud:



*****Special online experience*****




Samples and purchase links:



All the best,


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Bit of an off-topic question, but is your new compilation still scheduled for this year ?


Edit: Never mind, checked the DVSM site to see it's postponed to 2013.


Hey Juril,


Even if you've found the answer you were looking for, I thought I'd shed a bit more light on the status of the new compilation.


I've recently moved between countries which unfortunately has limited the time I've been able to devote to the label. I first anticipated that we'd be able to squeeze out both the new compilation and LAB's new EP before August, yet LAB's EP took somewhat more work than I had expected. Moreover, I wasn't 100% pleased with the sound of two of the tracks on the new compilation. Thus, upon finishing LAB's EP, I decided to postpone the compilation; to ensure the quality of the final product is our first priority, however this goal is right now difficult to achieve as I'm currently working overseas. Please hold out to February. :-)


All the best,


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