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Solo goambient albums?


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List time! Post all good solo(no VA) goambient albums(pre2000), I wanna see if there's more like these


Divinorum - Ismis

The Morphogentics - Reports From THe Morphogenetic Research Lab

Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation Ambient CD

The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences

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The Mystery Of The Yeti - The Mystery Of The Yeti




"A Welcome To All Extraterrestials" can really be one of the most impressive mind journeys you'll ever going to make.


The Mystery Of The Yeti is indeed one of if not the best goambient CDs ever! It's a V/A though..

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I wouldn't call most of these as Goambient. More like old school psychedelic ambient.


Very much true.


It's hard to define "goambient" in the first place thou.

I'm gonna skip the rules and actually post VAs here:





and artist albums:



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Yeah well I also listed "downtempo" in the description.


Thanks for the posts.

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I think it's really hard to find old-school "goambient" albums (since most are "just" psychedelic downtempo) most tracks seems to have been part of trance albums, no one made anything like what E-Mantra did with Visions From The Past (2011) (discogs), which is a true goambient album in my book.

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there is one goambient album indeet, called Galaxy - Angel




Alltracks of it are goambient tracks, some are very good and very deep, I like the album a lot. But it is a bit dry and electronical, it is not as alife as goa trance and some tracks have simple melodies. I would dream of an album by Asral Projection with only downbeat tracks. Tracks like Unbelievable Technology and Ambient Galay, a whole album like that would be amazing. Goambient can be more varried since the artists does not have to sue the 4 X 4 rythm but can use intersting rythms within the tracks and can create very interesting tracks just like the AP ambient stuff, very alive and deeper than most of their Goa Trance stuff. Still on Mars for example, what a beautiful track.

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