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Closest VSTI to SH-101?

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never used it. i own the juno 60 instead love acid off that thing :lol: totally encens vibe love it :wub:

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TAL has a dedicated SH-101 emulation (not free but pretty cheap). I can't say how close it is to the real thing, but it's got pretty squelchy filter, should be good for oldschool acid.


its very very very close to the real thing ,

theres freebies there i think even the juno free vst can throw some real good sounds.


listen to it yourself its fucking brilliant! think he had to change name because roland was trying to... you know , fuck him up looooooooooooooool thats how good it is honest!

listen and judge yourself , imo vst is a bit sharper which is much better , but sure analogue is good too loooooooooooll its a dillemma but its impressive :) but no matter what i havent got space room or cash for that vintage shit but i can seriously pull old skool shit on that vst... encens acid from dialogue record just that same sound i did it ... was really fuckin happy looooool.. welll , enjoy.




theres real comparision with the real juno vs the plugin and theres no difference at all in sound its fucking brill

Tal Uno 60-LX i own its brilliant

i always prefered juno to the sh101 but sure you guys have a dig TAL has real good shit honest ,

have fun you guys hope ive been of help

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i usually get free instruments ... its unfair selling music with pirated software... so i can throw another one...


synth1 is free... fucking brilliant.

tal unos free , dub delays but i dont bother fruity delay does same shit and dub delays dont fit goa , least in my recordings.


another one you guys should try is what i use and its a Moog Prodigy Emulation...

fucking love da sound of that son of a bitch!! 1 monophonic but bajezuz i love da fuckin thing

try and play away if you will go ape shit whatever :lol:


real one : moog-prodigy-fiilis.jpg


The Virtual reality one :



you can thank me later lol :lol::lol::lol::lol:




he's got other 'emulations' make your pick lloooooooooool


its all free software you can donate maybe not sure


but i love this big bad boy as fuck thats for sure and its 80s analogue so dont mess with da fucking Moog! he will kick your ass lol


have fun


ps - be creative them presets are just meh just as any other synth lol


another thing :


it can be a bit 'buggy' my fl 10 sometimes glitches a bit but i dont give a fuck , its great thing and its free so... if you want to try and dare some real strong fucking sounds there you go...

its moog you cant go wrong.

theres other moog emulations but this is my pick :)


good luck boys and girls , ladies and gentlemen , freaks etc... have fun lol :)


that vanguard synth was like... pfff preseting as fuck... not my style altho i did some patches back in days but fuck never bothered much... its fast sound pick in a way but i usually get bored when i hear a vanguard preset in a record its like shiittttt <_<<_<<_< its always more interesting when you hear sounds nobody has got n shit :) least imo to myself because i work with this shit for years and i know most of them gears.... and i never bothered diggin those mega huge ambient synths so many buttons and knobs u dont even know where da fuck your gonna start and u got no choice but to preset... shyte like i like them synths like synth analogue i guess


synth1 is great good enough for me to pull metallic FM sounds so... cant be arsed with them huge native instroshites like FM7 or Sytrus da fuck are all those envelopes n parameters?? and usually avoid all new 'fruity fruity new instruments all pishhhh) shyte like. all clutter and clutter fuck all i that . the more you get the more you will be lost and coming with ZERO lol


its all covered , depends what choice u make in your gear n studio , thats all i can say least from my part lol . :)

bye now :)

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to add one thing

if you guys are gonna use that beast i will recon u did because i know them synths inside out and out inside looooooool u can surrender to me no probz looooooooool


compliments of the 303 son of a bitch looooooooool




its like starkraver said : surrender to the motherfuckin ACID LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL



dubidubi dooo psykadelic your own pokaxuuu


and this one is for agneton and his fuckin nonsense bullshit




fuckin childish ... i was playing pikachu cards when i was a kid , how come you see them fuckin adults playin this shit?? pokemon go?? fucking ridiculous


jesus christ ... its so like...




seriously man... even heard peeps are having accidents playing that shit and even trying to break into peoples houses because they say some fuckin pokemon is in da house??




sorry didnt mean to spam or anything ... sorry guys


ill just leave it at that ..



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