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Legacy - One Sitting (EP) [No Qualms Recs, FLAC, 2012, Australia]


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1. Next Episode 07:04

2. Sweaty Armadillos 09:28

3. A Day In Barradise (Feat Backstroke) 08:54

4. It's Bullshit Aaay!! 07:54

5. 3 Fiddy Chicken Roll 07:44



Debut EP from No Qualms Records artist - Legacy. This 5 track ep is featuring some of the newest riggs to come from the legacy project in 2012. Track 3 is featuring Backstroke (Creten). All other tracks are W&P by Rhyss Shandiman.

From the Mob at No Qualms Records, BOM!!



released 26 July 2012

Big thanks goes out to Felix for the quality mastering, Boni and Rhi for the cover, Jekyl, Tommo n Mundi @ No Qualms, Mitch for the Barradise track and brodz for the killer riggs. ALLLL me mates. :D Also want to send big love to anyone that has inspired me along this journey, or that i have inspired along the way. Restekpa




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