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deva.indra - Oldschool & Psychedelic Trance DJ-Sets on Soundcloud and Youtube


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I am a Swiss DJ, born in 1979.
I'm DJ since 1995 and like to play Oldschool Goa, Progressive Goa, Tech-House and Chillout. For many years I played in the swiss organization Indra (Electronic Dance Music) alongside acts such as: DNA, Dual Core, Symphonix, Audiomatic, Meller, Protonica, Freakulizer/Thujon, and Sonnenvacuum/Sonic Cube.

Together with my good friend DJ Zeeno we played Progressive Trance, club trance, Chillout, Techno to Full On Psytrance.



This is one of my mixes from 2001, but the sound is older... biggrin.png



1. Killing Joke
2. Typhoon
3. The Muses Rapt
4. Man with no Name
5. Marmion
6. Genetic
7. The Infinity Project
8. Total Eclipse
9. Digital Sun
10. Purple

Release date: Apr 1, 2001

More mixes comming soon!

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It's a mix of me, which I recorded live at a party in September 2000 in a forest in Switzerland


Unfortunately I have no track list ... But you're invited to leave a comment. ;)










Psylonauten Klänge



DJ's: Carpe Diem, Nosmena, Tuned, San-schay, Micro, Zeeno & Deva



DJ's: Sativa, SpacePöt, Idefix, Ajna, Müstik, Adi & Beni

Live: Lizard, Tara-In-Project, Merlins Mystic Meet

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This is a goa-mix (incl. Hale Bopp ;) ) from the year 1999 which I want to share with you - mixed with turntables and an old dual-CD-player.









1. Sheyba

2. Astral Projection

3. Dimension 5

4. MFG

5. I Savastano

6. Der dritte Raum

7. Etnica

8. Jaja

9. Banoix

10. Shakta

11. Miranda



Release date: May 30, 1999



Have Fun! :D

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Here, after a long time, again a oldschool mix , which I made on 18 April 2001


1. Jaja - ??
2. Illumination - Crystals
3. Freeze - Watch out
4. Green House Effect - Eastern Rain (Club Mix)
5. Maskalin - Loud & Proud
6. Future Prophecy - Flying
7. Infected Mushroom - Red Filter
8. One Man Crew - Double Click
9. Psysex - On A Mission
10. Shiva Psysex - Macumba
11. Oforia - ??



Enjoy!! ;)

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11. Oforia - ??

That track is called "Special Offer"


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Thanks!!! It's just too long ago. :D

I understand ;)

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Here are two new dj-sets:


deva.indra - psychedelic trance dj-set

Goa & Psychedelic Trance DJ-Set with lot of tracks and remixes from Loud, Out of Orbit, Dekel, Perfect Stranger & Astrix.



deva.indra - zenon psyprog mix #1

This is my mix with Deep Psyprog Tunes from Zenon Records, which I made in winter 2021. The mix contains Tracks from Sensient, Sumiruna, Ambler, Kari & Electrypnose.



Have fun! ;)

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  • deva.indra changed the title to deva.indra - Oldschool & Psychedelic Trance DJ-Sets on Soundcloud and Youtube

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