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Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

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E-tickets available here




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Line Up


Main Floor

Live Act's


AKÉS (Hellchedelic Records) - Portugal

ANTAGON (2to6 Records - Damaru Records) - Germany

ATARO (Damaru Records - Free Radical Records) - Iran

ATOMENTAL (Shakra Records - Karmatic Records) - Switzerland

AUDIODIDAKT (Alice D Pro - Wild Seven Recordz) - Israel

BOMBAX (Free Radical Records) - Germany

CALYPTRATUS (Bionic Instinct Records) - Germany

COSMIC IRON (Sonic Tantra Records) - Israel

DARK WHISPER (Alice D Pro - Shaman Films Media) - Italy

DEMONIAC INSOMNIAC (Active Meditation Music) - Macedonia

FAREBI JALEBI (Parvati Records) - Australia

FRANTIC NOISE (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina

GIDRA (Acidance Records) - India

JAHBO (Parvati Records) - Denmark

KARMATIC SKULLS (Karmatic Records) - Switzerland - Austria

KASATKA (Bionic Instinct Records) - Germany

KASHYYYK (Kamino Records) - Mexico

LOOSE CONNECTION (Catawampus Records) - Wales (UK)

MAGMA OHM (Shaman Films Media - Tremors Underground) - Brazil

MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina

PARANDROID (Manic Psycho Pro - Electric Moon Records) - Germany

RAWAR (2to6 Records) - Portugal

RED (Mighty Quinn Records) - Russia

SETH (Bhooteshwara Records - Active Meditation Music) - Macedonia

TECHNICAL HITCH (Insomnia Records) - Israel

-Z- (alpha & antagon) (Sangoma Records) - Germany


Dj Set's


ABBYSS (Full Om) - Turkey

ABSOLUT (2to6 Records) - Sweden

ALPHA (Interzone Pa) - Germany

ANKUR (Seres Music - Acidance Records) - Germany

ANT (Mind Expansion Music) - Germany

BLUB (Karmatic Records) - Austria

CANNIBAL CROW (Psycrowdelica) - Germany

COOPER (Cosmic Plasma) - Romania

CORIOUS (Lycantrop Records - Urban Antidote Records) - Germany

DEPTHCHARGE (Industraum Records) - Turkey

DSOMPA (Peak Records) - Germany

EKO (Mind Expansion Music) - Italy

FILTRO (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina

GHOST EXPERIENCE (Ostschwiizer Schübel Fraktion) - Switzerland

GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records) - Italy

HYPERWATT (Noise Poison Records) - Switzerland - Austria

IGNIS (Damaru Records) - Germany

IKEN (2to6 Records) - Austria

LILL’ LI (Dharmaharmony Records) - Denmark

LLOYD POZITIVIST (Damaru Records) - Wales (UK)

LYSERG (Lucid Dreams - Wild Seven Recordz) - Austria

MILOWATT (Noise Poison Records) - Austria

MADEMOISELLE CHAOZ (Pixan Recordings) - Germany

MITRA (Damaru Records) - Germany

NAIMA (Acidance Records) - Austria

PHILOSO (Free Radical Records) - Austria

SPACE FREAK (Freak Out Pro) - Turkey

SAMSARA (Vantara Vichitra Records - Damaru Records) - Denmark

TILAKA (Karmatic Records) - Switzerland

UNTERWEGS (Industraum Records) - Turkey

ZOOLOG (Parvati Records) - Denmark


And more artiste on the alternative stage!


more info and E-tickeats here!


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