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Artist: Osher

Title: Groove Box

Label: Blue Tunes Records

Date: March, 2012


1. Groove Box

2. Beautiful Destination



This is Osher Swissa from Israel who has long been part of the full-on project known as Ananda Shake. While their first album was pretty good, the quality seemed to dip with each successive release until they were trying to get blood from a stone. Then something miraculous happened.


He began to make progressive trance.


His debut album as simply Osher called Twilight was a revelation. Combining eerie melodies and funktastic grooves it was greatly received by this reviewer. Which is why I felt like this after I heard this little two track EP:


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Oooh, sorry. Wrong gif. I was interviewing housekeepers earlier and she...uh, she really was enthusiastic.



Ahhh...there it is.


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Please don't get me wrong. This wasn't bad. Solid 4 out of 5. Unfortunately when you set the bar so high expectations rise right along with it. This EP is what you expect when you want to hear progressive trance, but that's just it. Been there, done that. Other artists have done this millions of times before and it doesn't come close to the originality he produced with Twilight. I imagine rent was due or he really wanted that hair transplant so he had a few rough drafts lying around and shopped them to Blue Tunes. "Hey man I delivered with the album, why don't you help a brother out?"


I don't know, I wasn't there.


But while competent and solid it left me wanting. Stretches of a kick and bass line went on too long without anything else happening. Gone were the twists and turns. I still bought it because I'm a fan, but I've heard him do better than this.













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