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7/14 - Los Angeles - Bring That Beach Back (oldschool goa party)


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On Saturday, July 14th, Earwall Productions and friends are proud to present a special night of retrodelica!


Goa trance has a wild and wooly history, stretching over multiple decades and incorporating many different substyles. For one evening, our DJs will take you on a whirlwind tour of its past; hearkening back to a more psychedelic time, we invoke the tribal rhythms, colorful melodies and tripped out sounds of yesteryear. Come make some new memories with us.




7-8 PM: Groove coalescence; downtempo and ambient trance


8-10 PM

Earwall (Earwall Productions)

80s Goa, Proto-Trance, Acid


A goa fan since the mid-nineties, Earwall has spent the last year digging ever deeper into the roots of the scene, back to the days of the analog cassette tape and the re-purposing of electronic pop for early trance dance. Now, he shares his interpretation of the old school Goa vibe, 1984-89.



Steve Eagle (Heavy Industries)

Trance Techno, Psytrance, Goa


First exposed to trance in 1994, Steve Eagle has since lent his touch to many different styles of dance music, from progressive psytrance to industrial techno. Whatever the music genre, his smooth, yet aggressive and powerful style always comes through. Expect a blend of goa and classic trance, from a master weaver.



Barakuda (Psytribe)

Psytrance, Goa


As the founder of L.A.'s longest running psytrance collective, Barakuda needs little introduction. For this event, he's digging through the crates in order to bring us a history lesson in 90s goa. We are honored to present a full power midnight mix from this psychedelic veteran; get old-schooled!



Beach Snax: fruit, chips, bottled water, homemade cookies


The Obscure Bazaar: snag some Goa CDs and records at our booth!



No illegal substances

No loud stereos/outdoor noise (for our neighbor's sake :))

Please keep the space clean


Located in a private studio about 1 mile from the city center. Please send me an email at paul@earwallproductions.com, or send a Facebook message, on the week of the event for directions.


This is a free event with no cover charge; donations to help offset the cost of the rented space are very much appreciated. Look for the tip thermos :)


Also, we can always use additional decor. If you have something visual that you'd like to bring to the party, you're more than welcome to.


Official event page: http://www.facebook....11754765580463/

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