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Artist: Various

Title: Forest Beings

Label: Biijah Records

Date: July 2011


01 - LiquidNoize - Digital Syllable (155 BPM)

02 - DoHm - Pinkles (155 BPM)

03 - Eitonin - On The Road (150 BPM)

04 - Hallucinated Hologram - Tornado (152 BPM)

05 - Butterfly Effect - White Rabbit (148 BPM)

06 - P.Tale - Small Brain Big Skull (148 BPM)

07 - Therange Freak - The Reaper (152 BPM)

08 - Cacofonix - Whirl (150 BPM)

09 - Goch - Cooking (148 BPM)

10 - Sanathana - Exorcism In Zulu Land (148 BPM)


So here I am again visiting Ekto with another free forest compilation. Sometimes you just want it dark. I like my movies dark. I like my women dark. This seems like a good fit. A few names jump out at me, but most are unknown. With the bpms not dipping below 148 I need to ditch the lounge chair and head into the forest to give this a listen. Wait...I can't do that. Nobody's here to watch my kids. Sounds like I need to head to the one place I can get some "me" time


The toilet.


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Ah yes...that seems appropriate.


Don't know if I can put in over an hour on the sh*tter, but damnit I have to try.


The trolls would want me to.



Digital Syllable- Holy sh*t the dark rumble from the underworld has found it's way to my bathroom. The kick moves at a frenzied pace and wailing pads rise from the fire. The tribal drums don't seem to fit, but that's a minor quibble. This is an intro track that welcomes you to the forest from which there is no escape.


Hey Satan, wanna hit the fan? I'm doin' some work here.



Pinkles- I think DoHm is one of my favorite forest producers. His style is of course intense, but also graphically descriptive with (gasp) melodies at times. This is a screeching voyage down the throat of troll with some eerie effects, but alas I don't think it's his best work. It moves straight ahead with blinders on without any of the twists and turns of some of his other tracks. The best part was the pads at the end and wish he could've found a way to incorporate that during the rest of the track. Ok, but he's done better.


On the Road- Boom goes the kick and bass to thunderous effect. Bubbling and scratchy leads lead the way as the changes begin to take place. Crazy bass line manipulation and rapid fire kicks add to the appeal. Throw the cool oscillating break in there and we have ourselves a winner.


Tornado- "There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream, an imagination of ourselves."


Hard bass lines and squeaky effects make this track feel like it's bursting to contain itself. Ripping leads with razor sharp edges threaten to disembowel as this is the darkest one yet. But it's not mindless. It undergoes changes and maintains it's spooky vibe without descending into noise.


White Rabbit- A forest track with a Dr. Dre snippet?


Posted Image

get the f*ck outta here.


Effects wipe across the screen like blood splatter as the chunky bass line chews away at the ledge you're standing on. Am I hallucinating or is that demon fiddling with the radio?


Posted Image

Please....anything but that...I can't take Call Me Maybe any more!


This is just pounding away at my neurons and making me want to cut myself. I think I'm turning all goth on you.



Small Brain, Big Skull- "Congratulations son...you've got a very small brain."


My favorite track here. At least the most accessible for those not into worshiping the dark arts. Squirty synths fart over the machine gun bass line as the layers create a good atmosphere. There is a funky section in the middle that makes me think KC and the Sunshine Band had a hand in this. Not bad at all.


The Reaper- I didn't think it could get darker, but with a title like the Reaper, it shows you what I know. It's like I'm witness to some tribal ritual while on mescaline. Deep bass and scary effects show you how hopeless your situation is. I think my review could've been that last sentence. Maybe it should've been.


Posted Image

"Twinkle Twinkle little star..."



Whirl- This one is like a showcase of all the creatures that are running around the forest at night. Maybe you even approach one thinking he's kinda cute. He wouldn't harm a fly. But then you realize you've been led into a trap and that little bastard is smirking cause you know you done f*cked up. You know this right?


Cooking- Love the bass in this one. It's searching for victims like a psycho vaccuum cleaner. This is the nightmare scenario where you are the one cooking my friend. Is it getting a little hot in here to you?


Exorcism in Zulu Land- Hands up if you think we're gonna end on a happy note? Anyone? And just to make sure you don't get any bright ideas about getting away, they put the longest track at the end. But it was really well done. African chants, a break to build up tension, and a boatload of effects.


Posted Image

How US gymnasts train for a back handspring.





Damn, this is dark. With zero hope of seeing any light. You know how the black guy is always the first to get killed in the movies? Well everyone gets killed in this movie. I don't care what color you are. Not my favorite forest comp for sure because you're dumped into the dark pit without an hope of a lifeline. Even the jews had Schindler. Some of the tracks were decent, but I'm more of a visitor to the dark side not a permanent resident so this one's not for me.






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