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Concept - Straight Forward EP

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Artist: Concept

Title: Straight Forward EP

Label: Kaos Krew Records

Date: May, 2012


1. Straight Forward

2. You Have The Right

3. It's Gone (feat. Tryon)


"Wow great choices...genocide or brainwashing."


I've got a concept.


Why don't we make some music with some balls. Jupiter heavy beats with buckets of acid that seem to never end. Power with the force of a mack truck going the wrong way down a one way street. Hello dark vibe and goodbye smiley faces.


Sounds like Aranaud was listening. But you knew that. His collaboration with Smashed on the Dead Star EP was monumentally exciting. with But this fine French gentlemen always gives the people what they want. Vicious Cycle, Paranormal, Experimental...his albums all deliver the same thing. In your face high intensity and no-nonsense dance music. The vibe is futuristic and cyber intensive. Twilight music with a heavy acidic component that never fails to get the body moving. Some people paint with watercolors he uses the toxic and lethal acid. And a big f*cking brush.


The first track was good (a little sparse at times), but the last two are more chaotic and full of energy. I'm telling you, the way he works those acidic bursts is like skipping a flat stone across a lake. Recommended.


Keep fighting the good fight!





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