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Timeless - Imperfection EP


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Artist: Timeless

Title: Imperfection

Label: Digital Nature

Date: April, 2012


1. Imperfection

2. Playground (Timeless Remix) - Daydream

3. Goodbye


"If there is something wrong with me that I don't know about, then you owe it to me as my best friend to tell me!"

"All right...you're a narcissist, you're a sociopath, you're probably psycho, you're paranoid, sexist..."

"Those are just quirks...endearing quirks!"


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Quite being such a self-righteous prick bugs. Daffy whacked Hitler with a mallet...what the f*ck have you ever done besides foster your carrot addiction?


This is Tal Aoude from Israel with 3 tracks for your listening enjoyment. Now I heard his Re-Run EP, but that was basically other artists remixing his tracks, so a little too early to determine whether I'm a fan or not. Imperfection is a track that not only has groove and anyone can relate to, but has one of the best looney tunes samples I have ever heard. Have you seen that cartoon lately? Funny stuff that I think more people should use. I think I'm falling in love with Daffy Duck cause he's got issues. Moral of the story is everybody's got imperfections and unless you're delusional like our friend Daffy, you would do well to keep that in mind. Stop judging people. I'm talkin' to you mister, in the bright shirt.


I've never heard the original so please excuse me if I don't dump a bucket of semen like the promo guy seemed to. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to do so, just make it worth my while. And they do. Big beats, oscillating synths, and pretty good break. It's very fluid for the most part, just don't like sometimes how it goes from very full to just a kick and a one note bass line at the drop of a hat. Purely minor, as the track in itselft is pretty damn good.


So, uh....I guess I owe you a bucket of semen.


The final track is appropriately called good-bye. Either because it's the last track or a suicide note. Probably the first one. Someone call him and make sure he's ok. It's chock full of goodness like smooth melodies and a great break. Super track to end on.


So am I a fan? Yeah, I guess so. Good stuff all the way round. Recommended.








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