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The sad thing is that this happens all the time with every release I hear (I say 'almost' because I don't follow every release :P ). Especially the free releases; all work is done by friends for friends, which is of course not a bad thing, but it leads to amateurism (someone who knows that you can't boost your volume higher than 0 dB on the master track is 'good enough'), which leads to bad products. But it's the same for the releases you pay for, only in a bit better quality. You'll probaby read the words 'true to' and 'dynamics' in every mastering engineer's biography, but this doesn't mean they actually respect their words. Maybe because they don't have a clue, maybe because they just like it REALLY LOUD SO EVERYONE CAN NOTICE HOW CRYSTAL CLEAR THEIR WORK IS. Maybe because they think they're doing the right thing, I don't know.


But I'll bet my cat on it that any good mastering engineer with experience outside of goa trance will smash whatever newschool release you have to pieces. :)

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