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Great artists are just people, really


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I have lots of friend which play all sorts of music. But *great* artists, they've always been like legends to me, grander than life. I still remember the time I got to talk to Ott in Aurora Festival 2008, when I smoked a cigarette with Artifakt in 2005 or when I got to share beers and pizza with some of my favorite Israeli rock bands in 2000. But even if I got to meet the person, it always seemed to me they were more than human. How else could they've created music so damned good, that sounds like it's from a whole different level of art, of professionalism?


I mean, are Daft Punk humans or robots?


It's like comparing my friends' blogs to the Microsoft website.


I was really surprised when a good friend of mine showed me a track of his. Skeptical as ever, I gave it a listen. Usually the music my friends make is good, but it doesn't get into my permanent playlist. Well, this track - called Dystomia, kicked my ass. It was awesome. It had a bit of oriental and middle eastern influences, a great melody, good bass line and great build ups. Maybe a bit too much of the "hand clap" sample. But more than all this - it had that special "something". That something you find in "greater than life" artists' music.


This guy calls himself "Mind-bomb" (well, the name sucks :P), and is quite bad in getting his music to the right people. He released this track 6 months ago, but only now did I do the effort to upload it to YouTube and post it here.


Wondering what you guys think!



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