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"V/A - Enchanted Explorations"


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Artist: Various

Title: Enchanted Explorations

Label: Visionary Shamanics

Date: April, 2012


01 - Shotu - Acai (Chris Rich Remix)

02 - Dream Visioner - Who Are You

03 - Amrita - Ratatam (2012 Remix)

04 - Aegolius - Fobia

05 - Mussy Moody - Pure Elements

06 - Nolm - Gold Freaks

07 - Grobians - Alien Invasion

08 - Shadowls - Chronicle Of Mystery

09 - Therange Freak - Enchanted Explorations

10 - Petran - Voyager Of Psychedelic States

11 - Paganopath - Legends And Fairytales


"I can do whatever the hell I want! I'm a human being not some robot!"


Sure you can, but I just saw a robot do this...


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So if I was a parent of a robotic Asian child (racist bastard) I would be very nervous right about now.


When asked for comment, Yo-Yo Ma replied, "Are you from the escort service? Where da bitches at?"


Here is the 2nd forest compilation by Visionary Shamanics. The first was Interweaving Dream Magics and you can find my review of that gem here. Most of the people on this thing are unknown, but what better way to get the crap scared out of you than the unknown?



Acai (Chris Rich Remix)- Mr. Rich is an artist from the UK and he tackles a Shotu track from the Epicentre compilation. Don't really recall the original, but I like where he's going. Full of motion and straight ahead power. It has a very cyber feel with bubbling electronics. Ones and zeros are escaping the mouth of this computer program because he's choking the life out of it. Loved it.


Who Are You- This is another track that is like surfing the net from the inside. Atmospheric and bubbly with a female computer vocal sample. The bass line drives this puppy as effects scrape across the windshield. Like that bug that hit mine on my last trip to VA Beach. Huge motherf*cker.


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Get ready for the squish!



Ratatam (2012 mix)- 10 seconds in and I've crapped myself. Try listening to this in the woods. By yourself. Some scary stuff. Scratchy synths and a heavy does of dark forest horror. Creepy crawley things and unkown creatures mocking me from the dark make this the perfect bedtime story. For a serial killer


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Yay Yay..clowns are...fun..


Fobia- Yet another hallucinogenic nightmare. You didn't fall down the hole, you were pushed in. An eerie melody (and there is quite a lot of it here) is your guide and the ground you're walking on bubbles with the faces of trapped souls. Don't f*ck with this track, it apparently swallowed part of the Florida A&M brass section. Scary and atmospheric just how I like me forest. And with a little lemon.


Pure Elements- Man that kick is punchy. I really think the forest genre has evolved and become more musically vibrant. There are more layers than an onion and all of them are scary. With sizzling effects like the sound of flesh burning there are also computer sounds. I liked it, but it wasn't as descriptive as the last rumbler.


Gold Freaks- At this point you are so deep in the forest there isn't a prayer of getting out. Feels like I havent seen the sun in weeks. It scrapes, it bubbles, it can be noisy at times...I liked it, but it's just your ordinary run of the mill lost my way can't get out why is it so f*cking dark forest track.


Alien Invasion- "Something as big as a battleship had just flow over and passed him...at speeds so great he couldn't begin to estimate it."


Much more illustrative track with breaks, a sample, and leads to keep it interesting. Ominous? Surely...I mean c'mon it's an alien invasion. Lots of layers bubbling under the surface make this invasion a reason to celebrate.


Posted Image

Yeah! Teddy Bear party!!! WHOOO!!!



Enchanted Explorations- We finally come to the one artist who I have heard of. With very scary pads and clever use of a sample that we've all heard before I am fully on board this fright train. It's got it all...melody, deep bass bubbling, wails of agony. Like when I go to my son's pre-school...


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What...what are you kids lookin' at? Oh come on...the asian violin joke? You're still on that? Go drink your juice boxes!



Chronicle of Mystery- "Why are you here? Why did you come to this planet?"




Posted Image

You know I cannot...nope can't for the life of me name one movie she's been in. Look, she can't even figure it out. To be famous for your tits is pretty low bar to set.


Love the way it starts with the chopped up strings. It continues with a detuned downward spiral that has Trent Reznor looking for razor blades. If this is a hallucination, it's still a long way from being over. Walls are melting, trees are cracking their branch knuckles...Holy sh*t...did that tree just...drool?


Voyager of Psychedelic States- The guy speaking that sample sounds like someone I would've shoved in a locker back in high school. But let's be clear...I am 100% against bullying. So much so, that I am 100% for watching the bully get his ass kicked. So...that's like, what....200%. Speaking of kicking ass, this track does. Wailing, moaning leads that echo forlornly like throwing a rock down a well. It's pumping and evolving, full of motion. A liquid, scary thing.


Legends and Fairytales- Wow, this is dark. Lots of sounds and all of them telling you that you're f*cked. Imagine walking around an environment where everything can kill you. It's like a nightmare...or Australia.



Visionary Shamanics is doing things right. They make forest compilations that are interesting and totally immersive. Leads, effects, spooky samples...it's like a how to. There is a feeling with forest music of not being in control, that things are happening around you and you are just a pawn. Dark and hopeless is no way to live your life, but it works great for a little forest escapism. Rekomended for a psychedelic trip.


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"I don't normally listen to forest trance....but when I do...it's Visionary Shamanics."






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