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Crossing Mind - Inner Shift (SUNCD25)

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Stylistically unique album. The mix is clean, the composition is on point. It took me a while to used to crossing mind's style but after this album I'm convinced of his greatness.

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Crossing Mind - Innershift



Posted Image


1. The Unenlightened Perspectives

2. Solarium

3. Modulated Self Reminders

4. Magnetic Fields of Life

5. Elastic Harmonies

6. No Way Wrong (2011 rmx)

7. Plutonia

8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix)



1. The Unenlightened Perspectives is whimsical. The first several minutes release a melody so pure and catchy. I love the melodies, sounds, mixing, direction, and arrangement throughout. Stylish and substantial change ups are plenty. The song is splashed with innovation. It reaches a section where the tempo slows before reigniting to further bliss. This is such a fun, magnetic, infectious, and arresting number. Fantastic work. I love it. A


2. Solarium is a strong follow up to the opening. It's a little quicker, more edgy than the previous. A tasty melody enters before the two minute mark. Another solid section begins around 2:51. The beat changes up around 4:00 as the vehicle adopts atmospheric moves, very nice! The melody at 5:34 is worth noting too and more. This is a strong track, though I found the first one more enjoyable in comparison. I feel as if I'm rating levels of excellence actually. Great number! A-


3. Modulated Self Reminders has a gripping, psychedelic first third. Melodies emerge around 4:00. The middle act switches up the feel of the song and a new wave of creativity is emerges. Another stand out part is from 7:20 to 7:45, and again until 8:00. Around these melodic islands are healthy oceans that connect these lands masterfully. Why the artist didn't develop the euphoric segment at 8:00 a bit more I wonder? The overall song is very well done. B+


4. Magnetic Fields of Life has my favorite melody work on the album since the opening. They're so catchy! Listen from 3:00 to 3:54. I also love the melody around 4:30 forward, and the complimentary sounds. I'm a sucker when it comes to great melodies and find them delicious. Also smart is the crunchy, psychedelic undercurrent. The song doesn't stop there either, and remains strong throughout. Another excellent track. A-


5. Elastic Harmonies I find it less intoxicating than the previous tracks until the shift around 7:14. From 7:38, things improve. The song becomes more melodic as it approaches in some ways. This track is like a solid transition between two bigger, melodic giants. B+


6. No Way Wrong (2011 rmx) continues the gripping storytelling that involves more of the dynamic elements and infectious melody/sound work that I love on this album. It stands out more than the previous one, at least to me. Excellent track! A-


7. Plutonia is one of the most unique songs here due to a radically different approach in direction, tempo, and sound. It's slower, more chilled than the other tracks. Surprisingly it begins like a Ra track. Was this necessary? I don't know (probably not). Nonetheless, it's introduction flows nicely into the bigger world that awaits. Furthermore, it develops atmospherically, elegantly. There's a melody in the middle that reminds me of old-school Infected Mushroom. Whether inspired or not, it sounds great. I'm satisfied by this point. After this IM-esque (I call it) part however, I don't feel as gripped. Nothing extraordinary is introduced. The song peeks in other words, in the second third, and that's unfortunate because the first two-thirds are a solid A from me. The last 1-2 minutes aren't so fresh, though homogenous and well done. Plutonia adds diversity to the album and is an imaginative, memorable number. Excellent work. A-


8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix) begins beautifully; I love the melody work in the first 1:25. Another approach to this song could have developed the gorgeous sound earlier on more. Nonetheless, more euphoria enters around 2:30 as the world becomes more psychedelic and delectible. A second transition appears around 4:00; the song evolves further with gripping sound fusions until another floating area from 5:38 to 5:54. A layered backbeat enters at 6:11 that is fantastic! Both the beginning 1:20 and from 6:11 to 7:17 comprise the strongest parts of the song. I would have simply liked a tad more of such strength so spectacular. In addition, it would be interesting to hear a version, possibly mid or downtempo, that develops the euphoric elements throughout the entire song a la Younger Brother's Psychic Gibbon. It almost seems like the idea for two different songs are in this one. I got hooked in the beginning and had hoped that that emotional direction would have been more prevalent. Seeing where this goes though, it works extremely well. I just feel that the artist left a heavenly element hanging earlier on to compensate for the psychedelic and tasty evolution. Overall, I was hoping for something more emotional in the final moments. Nonetheless, this is a great track! The little bonus song afterwards is good too. A-



Conclusion: Numerous, new-school goa albums seem to lack something from the classic (1996-1998) golden era with few exceptions. Innershift ignites the spirit and sound of Goa on a deeper level than many releases I've heard in the past decade. The style is crisp, tasty. The album has some of the most delicious sound/melody work I've heard by a main artist since Filteria's Daze of Our Lives in 2009. I like how the artist took the time to really shape, develop, and evolve the tracks as they progress; this approach keeps my interest throughout. My only gripe is few times the artist will break from an amazing background ambient and/or atmospheric sound: i.e: around 7:50 in track 3 and track 8 early on... as opposed to developing these beautiful sounds further. Maybe in the future he'll produce some beautiful, heavenly down and/or mid-tempo numbers as E-Mantra has. Optronic Circles could have worked as a mid or down-tempo track anyway, and I like how he pulled it off here. It simply shows further potential for a gorgeous, ambient-influenced, Goa-esque number. The bonus track is sweet too, albeit short. Overall, InnerShift (or The Inner Shift) is one of the best Psychedelic Goa-Trance albums ever released. Highly recommended.


Favorite Tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8.



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I must say this is one heck of a unique album , initially it sounded boring and distant , nothing too much that hits you as great , but as i kept listening to bits and pieces which tingled and touched but never really hitting the spot, today it just hit me out of no where..booom!! Thats what i love about Goa and the power of its melodies and its secret treasure of joy only revealing so much every time and concealing the rest for later. Everything comes together so well , the production sits really tight on every corner , sweet and rich melodies take their own easy time to develop and to register as the main component of the track,. there is so much going on in each track along with the main melody which switches character , tone and tempo every 30 to fourty seconds its not funny, correct me if im wrong but is this what everybody else is hearing too?? for eg in elastic harmonies and no way wrong 2011 rmx.. the main melody is like a chameleon changing forms :P, really psychedelic twisted stuff this . Anyway these are my initial thoughts. Will visit this thread later as i keep listening to hear what else is going on ... I would like to add here that this album is genius and a really different sort of a progressive goa album very different in character from anything i have ever heard , its in the same style as Jekkentekis disjointed form of story telling in "A long walk home" but only much more powerful and structured with better production.


My favourite is Modulated self reminders , what a ride from beginning to end , its like a romantic story that you wished went on forever without an end . :) Classic material overall ! 10/10


I thank Crossing mind and Suntrip for this bundle of joy. You guys are doing a fabulous job, keep it up :)

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Great review Iron Sun, loved reading it,


I can't help it not getting in the mood for this album,


I played shaltu so many times lately that 'inner shift' has come to close in release date, my own fault.


It's great to read that this is goatrance like many other goatrance that has to grow for a while, so there is still hope.


I like the album but I don't feel the excitement like others and mostly I do.


The best track crossing mind made imo was on shaltu so I expected more of that in his new album.


But that seems not to be the case when listened the first five times, so maybe there i got stuck.


Let's try harder and hopefully come back with a more positive post

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Haha, Ormion, I was going to write the same right now... I have been listening to Elastic Harmonies II on full volume a few times in a row... And this is one of the best tracks ever imo... The key changes, and the complexity of the huge amount of layers is mindblowing. Every few seconds some extra sound, effect or melody are added and the storytelling of the track is amazing. This is (for me) thé definition of pure psychedelic music with melodies! :)


ps: I normally don't comment our own releases, but this track is out of this world...

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The album actually grew on me.

I've stopped listening to shaltu and crossing mind entered my mp3 player

and I have no regrets at all...


Indeed it sound very sharp. I'm not pro-equalizing, and I'm glad I don't have to but I would understand if some want to lower down the treble a bit.

This goatrance album has like mentioned above a higher level of psychedelic in it's melodies what makes it so great listening on headphones,

closing your eyes, and dreaming away...


His original patterns of melodies are not only present in his main sound but also when he switches to other sounds and that makes it so varied and intelligent.

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goddamn hippie squiggles


Thank you sir, for my next song title!


I find this album just awesome! I so love Crossing Mind's swirling-melody style and key changes and the sort-of-chaotic noises floating all around at the same time. It's great when I want some goa but not in the mood for any of the various neo-goa artists that can start to sound too similar after a while; Crossing Mind is definitely unique in this!


I've loved The Holographic Paradigm since the songs were dredged from the dark recesses of the internet, and I love The Inner Shift!

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I had the same problem as some of the others with this album. At first, it sounded dull and somewhat distant, but it's grown on me. There are some really powerful melodies that require more than one listen or the right frame of mind to grasp them. Otherwise, great album.



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I just realised this is a very special CD.


I can read the track listing.


It has a clear font (not some goddamn hippie squiggles), big letters and good contrast. (Have you ever tried reading, say, Synthetic Flesh's labels when DJing at a pitch black club?) Also, the titles are real words, not some pseudo-ethnic nonsense taken from a language the artist doesn't even speak.


I was able to fill in the titles in extraction software without consulting Discogs.


For this reason alone, I give it five stars.


Hippie squiggles! ha love it, everyone here knows what you mean.



Oh, pretty excellent album btw!!!!

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Hey everyone, I've been keeping an eye on this forum for quite some time but was too lazy to sign in :).

Anyway, I came across this album a few weeks back and its absolutely amazing....infact I liked it so much (plus its predecessor 'The Holographic Paradigm' which I thought is also pretty good and ofcourse the Ultimate reality EP which is awesome) that Stéphane today is one of my favourite artist. the mixing on this album is exellent, the melody and bass line are amazing on almost every track and its trully an innovative album in the Goa genre...I would go as far as to call this a true master piece. I put this on the same level as Innershift's album, and maybe along side Ra and Mindsphere which are IMO less good but still awesome for new goa.

Keep kicking ass!

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Album of the year for me. A bit more subdued than the previous album, but packed with great melodies and superb storytelling. Furthermore I really like his sound. Some say it's an acquirred taste, but for me it was love at first listening. I was lucky enough to see Stéphane perform these songs live during several open air parties, and each time it was magical.

Highly recommended! I hope Suntrip can release a next Crossing Mind album soon.

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Artist: Crossing Mind

Release: The Inner Shift

Year: 2012

Label: Suntrip Records

Cat-#: SUNCD25

Rating: 4/5



1) The Unenlightened Perspectives

2) Solarnium

3) Modulated Self Reminders

4) Magnetic Fields Of Life

5) Elastic Harmonies

6) No Way Wrong (2011 Remix)

7) Plutonia

8) Optronic Circles (Inner Shift Remix)


The first real neogoa CD I'm putting my ears to. I understand why, takes me back to the nighties. Signature goa sounds like the screechingly high pitched synths, the stuttering bassline. If this is done correctly you'll get a very mesmerizing psychedelic journey ahead.


This really sounds quite sunny even though the melody layers gives an erratic almost unbalanced vibe. It's not overly complex yet still retains neatness and a nice flow. Some of the screechy synths may be used a bit too much at times though. I like the way he actually lets the trance bit stick out just a little, reminds me a bit of Deedrahs album Reload. As I grew up with trance, stuff like that always gives me good nostalgic moments.


This album is not knocking you senseless, but I'm pretty sure it would work well with a lot of people both on the floor as well as in the couch. I know it would for me at least.

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After many listens... I still can't get into it :o Elastic Harmonies is superb, but that's the only track I enjoy off the whole album. I like the ideas behind the melodies, but the high pitch and frequencies are really not my thing. Still, it's nice to have this diversity in the new goa scene :)

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I will be very harsh for this album. The mix is very dull and accentuates the treble and high frequencies too much that it becomes hurting for the ears very soon. Most of the layers used sound painfully inharmonic and there is an evident lack of power. The drums are neglected to the point that they serve only as a filler. These Absynth intros sound like factory presets.

There are some good ideas scattered here and there, but the overall sound is a complete mess. IMO one of the weakest Suntrip releases and I was expecting very much, when I read all those great reviews.

I follow the scene since mid-nighties and I've heard thousands of albums, but I've never heard anything so overhyped like this release.

3/10 for me

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I have to disagree almost entirely on your perceptions of the mix. I agree somewhat about the drums but the rest I think sounds great.


Also by the way, "dull" as a label referring to sound pretty much always means lacking in high end, so to say it's dull AND that it accentuates high end is a contradiction. Unless you have some other meaning for "dull".

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this album gives me a headache

i agree about the complexity here there is certainly a lot of work put in these eight tracks but the final result is so-so

luckily the final two tracks save it a bit but i would not recommend to buy this album - cover is beautiful though

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On a few further listens, tracks 4 and 7 are just incredible. And even though rest of the tracks are good or just ok, I never can stomach listening to the album on one go. The sound gets more grading on the ears than the first album. It's a tad too harsh and there are more off-key/disjointed sounds than I can stand on a full listen.

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On a few further listens, tracks 4 and 7 are just incredible. And even though rest of the tracks are good or just ok, I never can stomach listening to the album on one go. The sound gets more grading on the ears than the first album. It's a tad too harsh and there are more off-key/disjointed sounds than I can stand on a full listen.

surprisingly i felt this the first time and stopped after listening to a couple of tracks. but when i decided to hear it a couple of times, it just grew on me.
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