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VA-Multi-Faith Mantra compiled by sG4rY (Sangoma)

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Artist: Various Artists

Title: Multi-Faith Mantra compiled by sG4rY

Label: Sangoma Records

Format: CD

Release: t.b.a

Catalog: SANCD002



1. Hydraglyph- Totalled (Noise Anomalie rmx)

2. Amorphax- Evil Room

3. Scorb- Psycore (Antispin rmx)

4. Paratox- Monomonster

5. Whiptongue vs. Fungoloyds vs Smokeship- Perverse incentive

6. Bigscarymonsters vs Stya- Incomfortable

7. Southwild vs. Primordial Ooze- Blind Solution

8. Biorhythm- Drop Kick

9. Soladria- Counter Stream

10. Sienis-Subliminal Animal


Sangoma Records is happy to present its first compilation. A musical journey through different sound patterns compiled by our label-DJ sG4rY from Germany. VA-“Multi-Faith Mantra” is a release made for the ones who move, groove and never get tired … a primordial vibe like a Rudraksh bead- a multi faced tool with mutual outcomes - uniting head feeders known to public dance floors - sneaking into your mind and molesting your chakras.

It might take you a while to tune into these unknown mantras. But at some point the pervasive incentive will crawl up your spine and penetrate even the most backward territories of your single-minded brain. A colorful mixture of international acts from four continents will tune you into a chain of inspiration, making you forget about all the ridiculous efforts of your body’s own perception filters -which stand in the way of reaching the wicked realms of your consciousness.

The use of secret spoken or mumbled formula is a combination of old empiric knowledge and progressive Zeitgeist to influence the here and now. Some call it magic- we call it “Multi-Faith Mantra”, a reinterpretation and reconfiguration of contemporary audiovisual appearances that will make you go totally ozoric:)

And never forget - feed your head




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