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Giilgämesh _-_ Nitz-Ho-Goa Dj Set


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My recent dj set ,folks!Hope u like it ^_^


Giilgämesh is a brazilian dj set project focused mainly in Goa Trance and Nitzhogoa/Uplifting.

The name was inspired in the hero of ancient Sumerian narrated by 'Epic Of Gilgamesh'.

More than psychedelic music ,the intent of the project is to tell stories through complex mixes and synthetizers,

making acid enviroments and extraterrestrial dimensions where there's no notion of space and time.

This is the way to establish connections between different musicality in different locations and vibrations.

Influenced by artists from the scene of Israel nitzho 90s and the new european generation

,the main feature of the sets is the transition to Nitzhogoa, generating an uplifting atmosphere with 'laserkicks'

and range bpm between 145 and 155 full of high energy,solid percussions and memorable melodies.Giilgämesh was recently added to global label Olotropo Recs.

:D http:// http://olotropo.org/



Tracklist: [bpms]

GoaHuman - Intro 100

Boneva - Andromeda (Agneton Red's Sunset Rmx) 149

Ion Vader - Orbital Bombardment 152

Goalien - Psychedelic Dilemma 153

Ion Vader - Hk47 153

Persistent Aura - House Of Sun 148

Zed Reactor - Velzevul 147

Agneton - A New Hope (Pan's Ice Crean Rmx) 146

Travma - Resurecting The Dead 146

Goalien - Origin Of Life 145

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