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Space Elves - Terrestrial Planet Finder


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Artist: Space Elves

Title: Terrestrial Planet Finder

Label: Dimensional Records

Date: April, 2012


1. Fead Huck

2. Goa Trance Mission

3. Opening New Dimensions

4. Terrestrial Planet Finder

5. Tokyo Old School

6. Trance India Express (rmx)

7. Satellite - Space Elves and Somnesia

8. Vega (Space Elves rmx) - Jikooha



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Maradonna punched a ball into a goal in front of a billion people and he can't figure how you f*cked this up.


So...lemme see if I got this.


The, ahem..."secret" service, an elite force of agents responsible for the safety of the leader of the free world who also that shut down areas quicker than cops do a Kentucky meth lab couldn't keep their hookers in check.


In Cartagena Colombia. The nation that coca built. All because one agent didn't want to pay 50 bucks to keep Rosie Perez quiet after she spent the night. I cannot say with certainty if it was actually Rosie, but I haven't seen her since White Men Can't Jump so...it's probably her. But, $50...really? That's like...I dunno $6 an hour. Girlie love you long time and you don't want to even cough up minimum wage? That's just asking for a Columbian necktie. Trayvon got shot because he was black and wearing a hoodie, what do you think stiffing her pimp/mayor of Cartegena is gonna get you?


Look, I'm not saying f*ck some hookers, but damnit man your the secret service. Keep your pimp hand strong and I dunno...how about keeping a secret. My military and espionage training has consisted of watching a lot of movies and I can see the blackmail possibilities from here. The president was there but nobody knows what the f*ck he went for because this story overshadowed his visit. I haven't seen embarrassment this thick since that Rush Limbaugh video went viral.


Posted Image



Ugh. There's an image you can't unsee. The stupidity is mind boggling sometimes. This is when you shut off the world and immerse yourself in some good music. Thankfully Imba sent me a copy of his latest work. Space Elves is an old school Goa trance project founded by our very own Imba in 2009 that consist of Imba, Arronax, CoaGoa, and SETI Project. The buzz is that it left the sunshine full-on goa trance melody stacks and parallel parked in old school town. Love most of the cover as the contrast between the satellite and the two planets is quite striking, but the nebula takes a little away from that. Take it with a grain of salt...my son tells me to color inside the lines.




Fead Huck- "As I lay there...I couldn't leave. The room began to spin. I could step out of my body."


Just say head f*ck, we're all adults here. Well, except Antares. Someone check his ID please?!? All we need is another angry parent killing field trips for the rest of us. The bubbling 303 is a constant sound as we are transported back to the mid 90's. It's goa in a dream state as layers of sound coalesce over the steady pumping rhythm. Kinda similar to a heart beat. Liked it.


Goa Trance Mission- It definitely has that old school vibe to it, but it got kind of boring. The beginning and the break had me thinking aliens trying yo communicate. Something was missing though...


Posted Image

Yes! Yes, it needs more awesome!



Opening New Dimensions- "Do you understand how big a dimension really is? There are many universes with stars and planets. These are linked with trans-dimensional gates. Can you see the possibilites that exist?"


Old school bounce for sure. Let's see how many times I can write those words in this review. They just let the 303 rip and build around it creating a nice spacey vibe. The distorted sample awakens supernatural evil to me, a la Event Horizon. Something juicy about this one even though it's not bursting with melody or power.


Terrestrial Planet Finder- "In the hunt for alien life, scientists are focussing their efforts in finding small rocky planets like Earth. But finding another Earth is like searching for a needle in a million haystacks."


More of the same type of drifting, outer space exploration atmosphere where leads twist and turn in a seemingly endless journey. Before you know it, 7 minutes have gone by and you're trying to figure out what you were doing.


Tokyo Old School- " *some Japanese talk* Probably discussing anime, samurai, some f*cking wacko game show or a pasty chick with long dark hair that has her head tilted to the side.


"Excuse me sir, you dropped this."


"Oh thank you so much, I was looking for my racist card!"


"Actually, there's about 20 or 30 of them, trailing behind you...


"Ok, ok go f*ck yourself."


Now this has some growl to it as they filter the hell out of that lead. First one that kicks the door in with attitude. It's sticky...like wacky wall walker sticky. I've been working on my own prototype of the wacky wall walker...


Posted Image

Yeah, I tend to run through a lot of pre-teens so you know...still a work in progress.




Trance India Express (Remix)- Holy crap 10 minutes...better unzip. We all know Trance Africa Express by Sheyba, and I even have a track of the same name remixed by the Elves and Somnesia, (Ass kicking track btw) but this is India. This is caught in a rainstorm dripping with old school sound. Ethnic and full of mystery. The unfurling acidic melodies that worm their way into your soul as well as the quirky bits make this a treat. Nah, a treat doesn't do it justice. Remember playing a video game and finally beating the boss gaining entry into the next level? Times that by 10. Superb.


Posted Image

Knew I should've gotten X-box. They have all the cool games.



Satellite- Almost 12 minutes?!? Jesus, why did I put pants on in the first place? Oh that's right, my son's first day of pre-school and I don't want to be, you know...that helicopter parent with no pants on.


As good as the last track was, this tops it. Layers of swirling deliciousness throw your ass in a time machine when music was rooted in storytelling and evolving magic. This one has it all 303's, acid...it just keeps going. Remarkable.



Vega (Space Elves Remix)- I know how much Imba likey Jikooha's work and he and his friends just flattered the hell out of him. This is a track from Jikooha's ablum Revolution Spaceship and I had to go back and listen to it so that I could make a fair comparison. The remix is a chunky, powerful compliment to the original. Fast and furious as they twist up the metallic sound, raising it up and letting it tumble. Much more digestible IMO. And to another point, that's what a remix should be. Flashes of the original, but owning it and making it your own with new touches. Yeah Scorb, I'm looking at you. Like an elephant baby, I don't forget.




I know there are people out there that are sick of the way goa trance sounds these days. They clamor and crave for the sound that they remember. Well, welcome to 1996 people! This one won't knock you over with it's power or stack melodies like leggos but it will carry you away. It is a terrific journey that has the old school stamp all over it with running bass lines and one note melodies that flow and unwind. It's not oppressive in the least, but it does have a presence that gets better each time I listen to it. It bubbles and churns and sounds more like the genre I missed out on back in the mid to late 90's. The more varied styles that arrive in goa trance the better and I think if you love the old school sound, this is rocketing in the right direction. Good job gentlemen.










Goa Store



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....... Well, welcome to 1996 people! This one won't knock you over with it's power or stack melodies like leggos but it will carry you away.



Full agree. Indeed It sounds like the good old days. Portamento and Space Elves proofs that the sounds of the nineties aren't dead. :rolleyes:

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Very good release. Tracks 1-4, 6,8 were my favourites. Although not ground-breaking stuff, it is quite well done and much fun. Was really surprised how much I enjoyed since it is not normally my favourite style.



Highly recommended.




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