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Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution


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Vertigo Records presents:


Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution


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Artist: Terrafractyl

Title: Electronic Evolution

Label:Vertigo records

Cat. №: VERTIGOCD026

Release Date: March 2012

Style: Morning/Melodic Psytrance

Cover Design: Lewis Smart

Mastering: Felix Greenlees @ Fractal Studio


Track list:



2.vs. Positive Thought - The Power of Your Mind

3.No Matter

4.Electronic Evolution

5.Free Standing Pickles - The Dreamfields

6.A new level of Reality

7.Cab Calloway – The man from Harlem ( Terrafractyl RMX)

8.Our Eyes can Deceive Us

9.The Cluttered path


11.Inner Peace

12.Everything is Perfect Always


How does one follow up and improve upon perfection? That was the question I had asked myself about Terrafractyls 2nd album for the past few years, wondering just how the psychedelic maestro would warp my mind yet again. No easy task as 2009's "Chrysalis" was a groundbreaking melodic morning album that captured the true spirit and essence of psychedelia in one tidy package.


Was there really room for a positive evolution whilst still keeping that same signature Terrafractyl style?


It seems there most definitely was, as Electronic Evolution takes the original sound, refines it and spits it out in a bubbling, burbling, psychedelic masterpiece of a journey from start to finish.


Track 1 - Precognition


An understated introduction with hints of Chrysalis in its own intro, it takes on a rather precluding tone, hinting at things to come whilst remaining quiet throughout, gradually building as though preparing the mind for the journey at hand..Beautifully placed strings rise in character as a playful piano meanders its way through the mind.. You could call this the settling in track perhaps, or perhaps just the Precognition to something wonderful..


Track 2 - The Power Of Your Mind


This track, a collaboration vs Positive Thought kicks off in what I would call typical Terrafractyl style. An unmistakably funky bassline drives the track along as rhythmic percussive elements fly left and right, at 2:20 or so the piano work starts and things really take off. Absolutely golden melodies floating on top of sweeping psychedelic pads with an analogue tinge that squeezes out latent psychedelic juices. If you aren't grinning or dancing like an idiot by the end of this you aren't alive.


Track 3 - No Matter


Funked Out. That is one of the best ways to describe this track. Perfectly placed samples swirl as incredible atmospheres and melodies are layered on top of a dancefloor destroying bassline. Brain stretching squelches top things off and the great use of samples make this a superb track.


Track 04 - Electronic Evolution


The title track of the album and one of my favourites. Full of life and analogue sounds amidst a rocking baseline. The main melody and squelches at 2:50 or so have me grinning ear to ear the first time I heard it and every time since.. It has everything I love about a Terrafractyl track and even includes a masterfully used Terence McKenna sample. Only makes me love it all the more. An absolutely incredible track.


Track 05 - The Dreamfield


Wow. This track blew my mind when I first heard part of it long ago, but hearing the whole 7 minutes is absolutely incredible. It has an extremely psychedelic almost "Talpa'ish"vibe to it and the drop at 3:25 will surely send the dancefloor into a frenzy…Just..Wow.


Track 06 - A New Level of Reality


Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better, it does. This track epitomises everything I could want in an "Electronic Evolution". Absolutely stellar melodies with some of the most mind bendingly psychedelic leads you will ever hear. This is probably the track I have listened to the most and I still can't get enough of it.


Track 07 - The Man From Harlem (Terrafractyl Rmx)


A rather nice short little interlude remix to break up the journey. Wonderful production and suits the mood perfectly, a great little addition that is funky indeed.


Track 08 - Our Eyes Can Deceive Us


Launched back into a bouncy bassline Our Eyes can Deceive us is a solid track that flows along quite nicely until some epic string sections come in around 3:20. Not the most psychedelic or squelchy track on the album but nice all the same.


Track 09 - The Cluttered Path


An absolutely stellar track that spews forth psychedelic bubbles from every orifice. Acidic sounds and analogue styled leads blend with mesmerising orchestral pads to create an absolutely incredible atmosphere and one of the best tracks on the album.


Track 10 - Clarity


A brief musical interlude, perhaps to give you a breather before the last two and possibly best tracks. Talk about saving the best for last. Better catch your breathe fast!


Track 11 - Inner Peace


"What should I do, should I meditate? Should I get rid of all my possessions?" "Are you kiddin!? If anything you should get more possessions! You don't even have a compuuuuuuuuter…" Starting with one of the best and most fitting samples Inner Peace reminds me slightly of an older track called Altered Planet in its various melodies and the way the track drives forward.


A sudden key change at 3:32 sees a new direction and carries the track towards home while melody on top of melody builds into a wonderful psychedelic cacophony. Phenomenal.


Track 12 - Everything is Perfect Always


This… This track… This is how you do squelchy, funky, jazzy, atmospheric & melodic psytrance in 2012. The absolute best samples I have heard in a track for the longest time, combined with a pristine bassline and melodies that make me want to put it on for people who don't even like psytrance, but just good music in general.


This whole album is like that, sure there are some typical psytrance moments, but for anyone that likes good, inspired, creative and incredibly melodic music this album is a must. This is as far removed from generic non inspired "full on" as you can get, and for that I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.


A true masterpiece in every sense of the word..

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Hmm.. Perhaps the samples aren't the best representations, or its just not your cup of tea. I wonder if you enjoyed his first release? If not then you probably wouldn't dig this either I suppose. Im not too sure how it is boring as i can't really name anyone doing quite the same thing in the scene? Each to their own however!

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Problem with me is that it was exactly this sort of psychedelism that little by little overtook dance floors around 2000 - I remember how some DJs played some boring trance with exactly this bassline Terra is playing in this album. But with or without this 2000 experience, I still think this sort of music is pure boredom.

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Hmm well everyones own personal experiences colour their perceptions i suppose, one way or another. I find his stuff far from boring and i really dont like generic "full on" and cant stand almost all "prog". I predominantly listen to old/new school goa... But his melodies captured me in the same way goa melodies capture me..Perhaps my own experiences have coloured my love for it also...and i have had some great ones to his music, so i am admittedly biased! :)

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I'm definitely biased and definitely an all round Felix fanboy, but with good reason I think. He is one of the very few artists that make quality intelligent psychedelic morning trance (his other projects are amazing too). His tracks have groove, funk, unique mature melodies and are full of life. This album is more of the same of what we expect from Felix, but I think I'll wait a bit before I compare it to Chrysalis.


I can understand where you're coming from Procyon, it's true if you skim through the tracks on the surface they will sound similar with a same-ish full on bassline. However I don't think Terrafractyl is easy listening music. The tracks, as you already know with all quality music, will unfold their secrets over time (or instantly on an active dancefloor :D). Imo it's not fair to judge instantly and label as boring without giving it a good proper listen :P. But in the end, each to their own, I know I'll be groovin' along to this album for a loooong time! ^_^



Also you linked to the wrong album in the your review Shpongled247 :P

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Terrafractyl is good. His previous album was good. His side projects are good. This album is good. Don't mind other opinions, because they are biased, this one is not. Pay money, obtain this music, listen to it and don't worry, because everything will work out just fine.

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I also found the both the bassline tiresome. Not only that, but I think the album too short of ideas and inspiration. Was it a rushed job? To my ears, his previous release was better.


Not recommended despite the talent.




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Over time I've changed my mind about this album, his first was much better.



Not only that, but I saw him perform earlier this year and I thought he was a little flat. I was dissapointed.


However I also had the privlidge to see him peform his other project, Hypnagog, which was really rocking and really really good, maybe he's been spending more time on the Hypnagog project? Either way I'm looking forward for to the upcoming Hypnagog album.

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