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Artist: Ekoplex

Title: Discovering The Ancient

Label: Omnitropic

Date: January, 2012



01 - Turtle Island (120 BPM)

02 - Hip Shiva Wigga (100 BPM)

03 - Follow The Music (100 BPM)

04 - Shamanic Drumz (110 BPM)

05 - Before The Sun (110 BPM)

06 - Aya (110 BPM)

07 - Shapeshifter (112-119 BPM)

08 - Crossroads (114 BPM)

09 - End Of The Cycle, Beginning Of... (110 BPM)


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Where the f*ck did this come from? It's Ray Vincent from Canada with his third album but instead of full-on or morning trance he vaults into the downtempo arena. I never payed much attention to his releases because I've heard so much full-on that I am sick to death of it.


But that changes now.


Just read the comments on his album releases at Ekto. Absolutely glowing with people falling all over themselves to praise this project. So without experiencing any of his previous work I dove head first into this. Reasons why this is different...well, first off it's free. Second, it is a digital release with liner notes. Well, a link to liner notes. Nice touch as he gives you waaaaay more information than you are used to receiving in this genre of music. On every track. He talks about his tuning method, his trip to Nepal, and the samples as well as live instruments he used. So right off the bat that was greatly appreciated. Just reading how he feels about tracks and things in general makes me feel about as deep as a puddle compared to his ocean.


The music itself is marvelously detailed and frothing over with depth. Let's just get it out into the open, it's not a true downtempo album, but psychill or deep trance with lengthy storytelling parts. Turtle Island has to be one of the most atmospheric and involving tracks I have heard in quite some time. Incredibly massive, I just kept hitting the repeat button. Most of the other tracks were in that same intricate style with real world instruments and mid tempo rhythms. Sometimes I felt like I was at a Phish concert where I didn't know where one track ended and another began. That's called good flow. The last track gallops along at over 20 minutes and is so full and varied that it has to be heard to be believed. Did I feel the transition to the sitar at the 13 minute mark could've been smoother as it felt like two different tracks? Sure, but minor quip aside it's still melodic and groovy as hell.


Congratulations Mr. Vincent you have accumulated another fan. I cannot recommend this highly enough with its varied storytelling and beautiful musicianship. It's got a little bit of everything from progressive to tribal and of course downtempo with plenty of real instruments. All done with layer upon layer of melody. This is an example of the sum being greater than its parts. Take the time and go for a walk or a hike, but get outside and enjoy this. The fact that this is free leaves no excuses not to hear this. It's like a guy (me) that has only had a PC, but wandered into an Apple store and the ghost of Steve Jobs came up to me and said,


"No, you know what? F*ck it, just take this iPad."


"Can I get an iPad 2?"


"I said iPad. Now beat it."


You know, I normally reserve this happy full feeling for a great dinner out, but...you've earned it.


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Chicka chicka chick...






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Great review!


Till now I did have only 1 Ekoplex track (from Entheos Audio Archive v3.0) and i don't know how many times I listened to it...and each time I was thinking the same:




The music itself is marvelously detailed and frothing over with depth.



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I have to admit being a huge fan of Ekoplex trance stuff I wasn't expecting or hoping for a downtempo album, however I have been so pleasantly surprised by this that now i am a believer.


I should have known going into it that i was in for a deep, moving and heartfelt psychedelic journey as all of his stuff has always had that vibe. I just didn't know he would pull of the downtempo stuff as well as he has! Absolutely epic release!

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And he's a beautiful human being on top of being an excellent producer. I'm always honored to share space with Ray.


He played a down tempo/mid-tempo set in Montreal this New Year's and I do believe a couple of these tracks were in there. Very nice set!


Slightly OT: I caught his set at an outdoor festival in September where he was opening the psy tent. Beautiful, bouncy, not-too-crazy psy, definitely some of the best of the evening. He said later that most of the music he was playing was from his upcoming album.

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His previous album, Journey of the Turtle was the first album I listened to when I was just getting into this style of music. Although I am a Goa fiend nowadays, I still really appreciate that album, it kinda has everything.

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Caught him just a couple of days ago as one of the last sets of a week-long gathering; it was a beautiful late afternoon/early evening jam, such a perfect time for his music. Suffice to say the set was exquisite, so much energy from that always driving bass in his tracks yet so much beauty and complexity layered on top. Quite a treat to dance with these tracks in the middle of a forest.

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