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Atati - The Full Spectrum EP's - Yellow


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Artist: Atati

Title: The Full Spectrum EP's - Yellow

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Date: December, 2011


1. Bana Moyi

2. Fluorospherical Pressure

3. The Molecula of Sacred Water


Italian label Blue Hour Sounds is a relatively new player with a handful of comps and artist releases. Ianuaria's Beware of the Fish was a baseball bat to the head surprise forest release that I didn't see coming. So they focus on the details, and as the devil says...


I've been snatching up their colorful artist EP's because I'm compulsive, but also because they are pretty damn good. But like potato chips, you can't eat just one so I am fully invested in expanding my girth with these differently hued little nuggets. They're an Italian label, so calling them drug dealers might be offensive, but they know how to hook somebody. Look at the pretty colors! Look at them!!!


Bana Moyi- With a nice descriptive long intro full of electric throat clearing he explores some futuristic Blade Runner territory. A tone rings consistently in the background giving it pace and this has the feel of a sterile environment not unlike that of Gattaca. Huh...two science fiction films mentioned in one track. If you called this downtempo space goa, I wouldn't punch you in the face and take your lunch money. Superb atmospheric track that almost churns for 10 minutes.


Fluorospherical Pressure- Twisted pads join some electronic synthery in a faster pace. It's midtempo with varying textures...some flutes, computer twiddlings, and the like with the same dark feel. It reeks of old school sound complete with a tribal like sample.


The Molecula of Sacred Water- Water is the most precious resource we have on this planet so ya damn right it's sacred. With another 2 minute intro he's back with a beat bigger than the sandwich I just had for lunch. Stings are strummed, pads float ethereally through the sky and the beat just drops the hammer. Squiggles, blips and blops, and computer effects give this a lush, layered experience. At the break the skittering and jumbled effects really hit home as the melody unwinds. Very good.


This is a great mix of big beat, psy, and of course downtempo. Intricate and layered providing a very involving listening experience. Keep making music this good and I'll continue to collect your colored narcotics.





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