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Psychedelic visions (from the demo scene)

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Many of you know of the so called demo scene. I haven't really seen any releases from it since the 90's, but I youtubed some new releases last night and found two amazing releases by Andromeda Software Development that I think most of you will like:




I'm sure there are other great psychedelic releases out there, so post below.

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I was posting this video once here under another topic about usage of psy-music in real life creations (outside of "psyculture").


So here it is once again:


Maxus - Road Warrior





It's a fast, really great (to me) dancable goa-trance track with videos from the same ASD's Lifeforce.

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Not really a "vision" but imo absolutely awesome "new school" "goa-trance" track!


Artist: Terminal Storm,

Song: Innerverse,

Album: V.A. - The Sound of SceneSat Volume 1 (2009),

Genre: Goa trance.

This compilation can be freely downloaded from here:http://scenesat.com/forum/threads/105...



Another song (Cyberworld) by the same artist, not less awesome "new school", but with more "organic" feeling despite the name:




Download link can be easily found.

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