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Invisible Reality - Doors of Soul EP

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Artist: Invisible Reality

Title: Doors of Soul EP

Label: Iono Music

Date: January, 2012



1. Cybernetic Evolution

2. Doors of Soul

3. Alice Dream (Remake 2012)


People ask me (no they don't, I don't get to talk to any adults. I asked my three year old, but every answer I got had something to do with Lightning McQueen) if I ever get tired of listening to progressive trance. Sure I do. As I would if I listened to one genre over and over again. Thanks to a Facebook friend, I've been getting back into Front Line Assembly. Not to mention Ice Cube's 1992 masterpiece Death Certificate is never far from reach. Headphones only. Last thing I need is my wife to come home and hear my kid singing about the nappy dugout.


So yeah, I have to take breaks every now and then. This is a project that I have been following for a little while. The duo released their 2nd album Parallel Fantasy (reviewed here) which I thought was superb. This is their latest effort a 3 track EP which I hope continues down the same road.


Cybernetic Evolution- Huge washes and a thumping beat compliment the oscillating synth waves. It's a dark ride through space with a good bottom end. The last break sees meteoric debris float by the glass panel and light reflects off the hull of the ship. Very atmospheric. Loved it.


Doors of Soul- There's more of a house shuffle here but since I don't hear the crooning, I think we're ok. The break has a nice growling bass pad as synth leads dance through the soul door above. Nice groove, but there is a long stretch before the 2nd break where it seems like they were on autopilot. The melody at the end is nice, but the whole thing lacks the grandeur of the first track.


Alice Dream (Remake 2012)- "Alice...wake up!"


This is a remake of their 2009 track on the Spiritual Ritual EP. First thing I noticed is they chopped a minute off the track. The original was a churning slowly evolving track. Totally opposite here as these guys are beating this kick drum like it got their sister pregnant. More aggressive surely with eerie background noises and filtered pads. Yeah, I liked it better.


Good little EP. My favorite was easily the first track, but they're all pretty good. Melodic progressive with some thumping kicks.





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Punit    1



I asked my three year old, but every answer I got had something to do with Lightning McQueen



As a father of a 2.5 year old I know how that feels :lol:


One of my favourite proggy artists, will check this EP out.


Thanks for the review.

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