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Chaotic Synthetics - Transuniverse Express (EP)

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Penzoline    352

Chaotic Synthetics - Transuniverse Express (EP)

Graviton Records


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1. Freaky Mutant 08:40

2. Planet Atom 06:44

3. Nucleogenesis 07:41

4. Storm 06:50

5. Double Trouble 07:54


Greetings fellow psynews readers and avid posters. I bring you my first review of 2012, courtesy of a request on a release I should have reviewed no matter. This is Chaotic Synthetics, an unknown artist that released their debut free through simple file sharing sites and not even ektoplazm. Well shush, there goes all the chance for any audience - aside from me? Well the original cover was pretty ballsy and the name was awesome so of course I had to go ahead and see inside, and what I saw, was ... amazing. Fast forward a little bit and Richpa decided to pick up this project and release a 5 track album of it. For a good purpose too. These guys are talented and deserve it.


Freaky Mutant

Wet acid drops, banging bassline hits. Quality texturing laying a groundwork for what will become a crazy twilight goapsy madness. Evil samples thumping bassline, sweeping twirly leads with a couple key changes thrown in for good measure. Ballsy and it works, though it can get a tad abrasive for some. Was not my favourite from the album but a good one nonetheless.


Planet Atom

"On this planet.. you will die" Talk about a menacing intro. Deep rolling bassline and atmospheric details echoing around. This is definitely from the dark corners of the universe. The style is still quite the same as the first track but this time we are definitely going more into the darkpsy space. Tons and tons of quality details throughout. No doubt this must've taken a while to create. Interesting moments galore and the melodies that hit sound damn evil. The darkpsy atmosphere made this less my cuppa, but it's still quality.



Now here's one of my favourites from the full album. Noisy hihats, dark atmosphere greet us towards twirling leads and a badass rolling bassline that has key changes throughout(Big props!). The not-too-serious groovy spiraling melodies remind me a lot of Fractal Glider's debut on boom records. A lot of power in them without being serious creates awesome groove and fun atmosphere even though the rest of the track is twisted as hell filled with dark tasty texturing. I can already see the lunatics who've escapen the space prison. Great track.



The atmosphere and speed from the start is already twisted and fast. You can hear more organic, tribal sounds accompanying the usual form of sweeping electronics. It's like a tribal gathering that is calling out to the overlords of this cyberpunk universe. At 2:25 things calm down a bit. Dark and evil sounds fill the soundscape just looming in. The thumping bassline as good as ever. 3:25 samples arrive that lead up to a maximal climax that is just full of dark power. I dare you to not move to this. It is immense. This track is definitely full of storytelling and power. This is, dare I say, twilight goa at it's very finest. Tasty and moist. Maybe the very best track these guys have produced.


Double Trouble

Wondrously awesome Half-Life 2 sample and a bit more toned bassline takes us into this twisted cyberpunk world where nothing is sacred aside from the very creators. This track is an epitome is pure cyberpunk scifi evil. The melodies are almost scary and the texturing layers are such machinery. I can already see the robots tearing up other humans in the spirit of ID softwares Quake. Just brilliant aural imagining. The production of this track has a small problem though, I must mention that the little stutters on the first half of Double Trouble are super distracting and sound like my player is skipping, doesn't work well as an effect honestly. Aside from that it is brilliantly produced.


Well there you have it. A fantastic twilight goapsy EP from this unknown but skilled artist released on Graviton Records. There's an incredible amount of details and atmosphere throughout. The amount of time it has taken to texture these tracks, well, I can't even imagine. Obviously I would have done the track selection differently, but that's just my preference. It still had one of the best track so I'm not complaining!

So what makes these versions different from the free release is that the mastering is new, definitely less grindy on the ears, and you have the opportunity to support the label and the artist, which you should. If you do not prefer these tracks to maybe others on the album, you can still support it this way.


Get it here for only 3.99 USD



Promo thread pointing out there will also be a CD release of it.



Original thread containing the full length with even more amazing cyberpunk goa twilight powah.


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