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Artist: Etnica

Album: 2012 EP

Label: Neurobiotic Records

Style: Full On, Psytrance



  • Impact (08:47)
  • Axis (07:30)
  • Triptonite (Pleiadians Live Mix) (08:30)
It's really hard to be unbiased enough when it comes to any Etnica/Pleiadians material, at least in my case, they're probably one of the few projects that got special status in my psytrance book. They doesn't need any introduction, so I'll skip that part and try to focus on their latest effort - an three-track EP (2012) that came out on Italian label - Neurobiotic Records.


First of all, don't expect or hope for some spectacular return of melody that has been trademark of thier work and sound in 90's, this is pure full on psytrance release with some really interesting moments and there are few melodic parts that sounds great to me. First track - Impact, got one minut and a half long intro with atmospheric melody in background, sounds like abastract ambient perfect for some Ultimae compilation, but right after that comes huuuge beat, first thing that you'll notice is crystal clear sound and production, nice fullonish basslines are perfect addition for very energetic beginning. Around 05:30 mark comes second break with melodic build-up which reminds me on late Pleiadians style and I like it, alot!


Second track is Axis, and right after short intro speech rhythm comes and you can feel that this one will be much more brighter, it got pretty much melodic bassline with nice effects in background. First build-up is around 03:30 minute and it sounds hmmm, interesting it got some weird melodic percussions that I find pretty much funny and catchy. Overall it's not a bad track, but after repeating it few times it gives that good old it's so generic feeling.


Last track on this EP is Pleiadians live remix of legendary Triptonite track and I'm sure that many people will judge this whole EP on this track. Why? Well it's Triptonite and we heard a bunch of good and bad remixes (of Triptonite) and when it comes to remixing something that is some sort of cult, people always experience more deeply known track and this one definitely is such a track. My opinion about this remix? Well it's one of better ones, even it's in some full on style, (BUT!) it got enough of melody and I'm sure it works / will work very well on every dance-floor, still orginal version is my all-time favorite.


Conclusion - It's not best Etnica release, but it's solid, at least to me. As much as I love Etnica/Pleiadians from the old days, I love their newer stuff aswell. Favorite track from this one is Impact and I'm sure it will grow on me even more. Don't like that much Axis, I find it dull/boring and Triptonite is, hmmm, cool. Artwork for this release looks clean and nice, and production and soundquality is just perfect. You can preview/buy this release at Beatport.

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Thanks for the feedback guys :) and.. nice to be here at last!


Welcome back to Goa . You will find much respect to the Old School Sound in this forum.

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Not my cup of tea, some goods moments, especially first track, but overall just like all Etnica's recent stuff - dull for me.


New Pleiadians on the other hand delivers, really like it, well done, guys ;)!


Oh and your Teknica is also an interesting project!


Any thoughts about doing some quality downtempo album, Equator was good, so as your intros and downtempo parts in your recent tracks :)

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I really like the new version of Trip Tonite, it's modern and up with the modern sound, what you said above, cool, sums it up.

It's a very nice ep that surely flows toward a return of the melodies from the mythical band.

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