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PsiloCybian - The Act of Conspiring EP


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Artist: Psilocybian

Title: The Act of Conspiring EP

Label: Diggarama

Date: December, 2006


1. Theory To Conspire

2. When Fiction Becomes Science

3. Pancake Time (bonus)


Somehow I came upon this and it's been sitting on my hard drive for months. Saša Dukić is a guy with the talent to make great psytrance tracks. He seems to be able to combine melody and power without any cheese, all while keeping it psychedelic. 2010's Wry Figments was an example of that. Nothing exemplary just good solid work. So I must've downloaded this after I heard his album, but who knows? My life is a jumble of Team Umizoomi and diaper changing so it's hard to tell.


Even though this was made 5 years ago, it still sounds fresh. It's psy with some goa touches all well placed in some great alien atmosphere. Theory To Conspire has that outer space sheen on it with several synth layers and a nicely manipulated sample. When Fiction... shimmers with motion and shows he ain't afraid to use the cutoff knob. It's a high speed track to be sure. Lastly comes the ever perplexing bonus track. Anybody who is anybody loves pancakes and if you say you don't you're a zombie. And damn if it doesn't sound like he put some zombies in there...along with a rampaging bass line and some chunky distorted synths.


Not bad.



Click Here, it's free!



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