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DVSM: Win Silent Horror 'Séance' CDs!

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Would you like to get a free copy of Séance? Join our new competition! Up for grabs are five copies of Silent Horror's new album and you could be one of the lucky few.


All you have to do is to answer the three questions below and send your answers to info (at) devilsmindrecords (dot) org (don't forget to change the (at) and (dot) :) )


The competition will run throughout 22 March. Winners will be randomly selected provided they have answered all the questions correctly, just like at the airport these days. :)


NB! Don't forget to include your name and where you'd like us to ship your CD! Good luck!


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Question 1: DVSM was founded in...


a ) Late summer of 2004

b ) Early spring of 2005

c ) A few weeks before the release of the first compilation, Refused


Question 2: Jigar 'Silent Horror' has released quite a few tracks on various compilations and made guest appearances on artist albums. How many, roughly speaking?


a ) About 20 tracks

b ) About 30 tracks

c ) More than 40 tracks


Question 3: The track Drums In The Deep was originally not supposed to be featured on the album Masters of Outhouse. Nevertheless, it was featured on the final version of the album. Why?


a ) There was another track that was supposed to be the first one on the album, but there was a glitch in the recording that could not be fixed. Thus, Drums In The Deep filled the slot.


b ) Lulle 'Ka-Sol' included Drums In The Deep by accident when he mastered the CD. Upon discovering the new track, Alex was adamant that they keep Drums In The Deep instead of the original first track, and David 'Buddha' and Lulle took his advice.


c ) This is a trick question. Drums In the Deep was thought to be a track that had a solid, given place on the CD already when the first discussions on the track list took place.

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Still eight days to go, folks. Far from all have answered the questions correctly, so chances are that you might be the winner. Just don't forget to send in your answers. :) The competition ends on March 22.

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Question 2: Jigar 'Silent Horror' has released quite a few tracks on various compilations and made guest appearances on artist albums. How many, roughly speaking?

Does this include collaborations?

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Our first competition has ended and we have no less than 6(!) happy winners! Yes, we were supposed to draw 5 winners but eventually ended up making sure that there are six happy new owners of our latest release, Séance.


It seems like the last question proved to be quite a challenge as only two people could provide us with the correct answers! Good job, Mikkel and Karan! Thus, we had to draw the last four winners (see pictures below).


The winners are:

Mikkel Jais Pedersen (Denmark), Karan Chawla (India), Dmitry Tikhomirov (Russia), Philip Wild (UK), Rahul Maewall (India) and Gent Gjonbalaj (Kosovo).


Congratulations! We wish to say thank you to everyone who participated!


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Even an online competition can be exciting, can’t it?


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Rahul, Gent, Dmitry and Phil each won a copy of our new release.


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Preparing the packages with the (compulsory) Arctic alien, which started as a Christmas joke.


Check out the correct answers with comments on our website: http://devilsmindrecords.org/?page_id=4

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