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Hallucinogenic Horses - The Golden Years - The Very Best Off (LTRCD003, Lost Theory Records)

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Artist : Hallucinogenic Horses

Title : The Golden Years - The Very Best Off

Format : 6 digipack

Mastering : Tim Schuldt - http://www.4cn-studios.com

Artwork : A collaboration between Hanna Eliasson (Lupo Manaro) & MadeInRealtime - http://www.madeinrealtime.com

Catalog : LTRCD003

Release date : April 2012


Posted Image


Neigh Neigh...


We are proud to announce the long awaited album of Hallucinogenic Horses!

An album that stretches across five years in the making.


The Horses will take you on a journey through beautiful landscapes, coloured forests and mysterious spaces in between.

Psycho-surfing on endless mindscapes and knirkmalirkin' their way through the sessions at the racetrack, leaving every tune with it's own journey.


In the stable you will find breeds like: Derango, MakadaM, Traskel, Uggla, Donkey Shot, Drone Bixie, Megalopsy and Purosurpo.

All of them were handpicked from the magic meadows on planet "Ubrahk", at the psychoactive ranch......


Oh, and do bear in mind that it's highly possible you'll start making weird horsey noises after this journey!




Hallucinogenic Horses - The Golden Years - The Very Best Off



01. Darn Nebula

w+p by: Derango, Makadam, Traskel & Uggla


02. Dropsession

w+p by: Derango, Donkey Shot, Makadam & Uggla


03. Sea Biscuit

w+p by: Derango, Makadam & Traskel


04. Zwilight Tone

w+p by: Derango & Makadam


05. Betsel Boogie

w+p by: Derango & Makadam


06. Strul-Ultra

w+p by: Derango


07. My Little Pony

w+p by: Derango, Donkey Shot, Drone Bixie, Makadam & Traskel


08. Creation Takeover

w+p by: Derango, Makadam & Megalopsy


09. Un Grande Chivale

w+p by: Makadam & Purosurpo


10. The Philosopher´s Stoned

w+p by: Donkey Shot & Purosurpo



All tracks made in trance between 2005 & 2010



Samples will follow soon!




~ ~ http://www.LostTheoryRecords.com ~ ~

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From Lost Theory's website:

Our sincere appologies for the little delay! The Hallucinogenic Horses album will be released in May instead of April like we announced initially.


/Nothing specific though.

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Thanks for the support!


Today is the day we've waited for!! The album has been released!!



Available via the following webshops :












Go grab your copy and enjoy the ride!! ;)




Lost Theory Records

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any option to order it directly from label?


Sorry for the late reply!

We are currently working on a new webshop but it will take a while..


I kindly advice you to purchase your copy via one of the webshops :

Beatspace : http://www.beatspace...ars/detail.aspx

SaikoSounds : http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=9074

PsyShop : http://www.psyshop.c.../ltr1cd003.html

GoaStore : http://www.goastore....e-best-off.html


Thanks a lot for the support!

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