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Here is clip from a blog related to goa trance. I found it to be interesting because of the # of American visitors. made me feel good cause I don't come across many americans who have even heard of goa.

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Here are our top 10 countries:



1. United States 3,500

2. United Kingdom 2,143

3. Germany 1,753

4. Sweden 1,533

5. Russia 1,343

6. Croatia 1,191

7. Belgium 1,159

8. Greece 1,115

9. France 1,081

10. Australia 1,024

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USA people interested in Psytrance are in California (esp SF/LA), NYC, Texas, and Buffalo cause it's close to Toronto. That accounts for 7563 of the 7564 visitors.

The last one being Trance2moveU who's in Virgina :)


More serioulsy there's 313 million people in the USA, so 7564/313M means 24 people per million are concerned.

Europe (incl Russia) is 880 million. If you sum up all EU visitors above that's ~44500, so 44500/880M, means 51 people per million are concerned. Twice as much as in the USA.


There is an illusion in the volume of visits by counting the USA altogether. If the stats were state by state (which is more or less what is done with European countries), the biggest would be maybe at the 15th place.

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In the middle they're too busy growing corn and praising Jesus, and in the north (middle) they're too busy forming anti-government militias.


LOL. Same situation is here in most parts of Dalmatia (Croatian region), people are too traditional but still it's great place for having wonderful psytrance and goa outdoors and we did some few years ago. Now there is nice festival Lost Theory that takes place a bit norther in Lika region (they are also hard core Christians). Still I can't complain, It seems that people on Balkans are in nature too traditional, still I'm also traditional but I worship our orginal origins which are based on Slavic and Pagan culture in 7th century before they christinized people here. Hopefully in upcoming years, Goa trance culture will grow more here, not only in bigger cities but in smallers cities aswell. My hometown got population cca 10 000 and there are 4 trance DJ's and over 50 people who dig Goa trance music, that's not bad at all for such a small town.

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