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Global Goa Party 2 - March 24, 2012 (goatranch.com)

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Hello my Psynews friends!


I would like to formally announce Global Goa Party 2, the second in a series of virtual parties showcasing 15 hours of mixes from 10 DJs from around the world; this time we're going back to 1996. We'll be taking you back once again to a time men were men, women were women, and mice were mice, and they all shook booty to some of the best electronic psychedelic dance music ever created (in the mices' opinion, that is).


The cool cats over at the DI.fm Goa/Psy channel will once again be streaming the full party, and you'll be able to download each of the mixes on the day of the event if you'd rather line 'em up in Winamp and get down with yer baaad self.


So, invite some friends over on March 24th, download the mixes or tune into DI.fm, fire up the black-lights and join your fellow doofers from around the world in their living rooms as we go up, UP and away to 1996...


(flyer art by Lara)


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Hello, Psnoozers!


Just a reminder about this little virtual party happening tomorrow on your local internets.


The party will be streaming on DI.fm's Goa/Psy channel starting at 4PM EST/8PM UK, and I'll also be posting all of the mixes up on the Goat Ranch for download sometime tomorrow morning(ish) in case you'd rather download and play in your own audio player.


Thanks everyone, hope to "see" you all there. :)


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