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ECT – Extra Celestial Transmission: The Remasters

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Artist: ECT

Title: ECT - Extra Celestial Transmission: The Remasters

Label: Ektoplazm

Date: May, 2011


01 - ECT & Mass - Magic Dart (136 BPM)

02 - ECT & Mass - Monkey Shines (140 BPM)

03 - ECT - Squawk (142 BPM)

04 - ECT - Catapult (144 BPM)

05 - ECT - Snowblind (145 BPM)

06 - ECT - Mäelström (146 BPM)

07 - ECT & Mass - Angry Little Men (With Sharp Sticks) (140 BPM)

08 - ECT & Mass - Ants 4 Breakfast (144 BPM)


"Exterminate all rational thought."


What do you get when you mix one part James Brown funky drumming, one part liquid bass so nasty you have to check if you shat yourself, and one part gutteral leads that range from a growling rumbling to an ear scorching bleeding?


You get this.


This is the work of Leigh Griffiths and these tunes were to be his debut album but somehow that never happened. Well, lucky for us this collection has been placed in a nice little free package so that we can enjoy this British producers work. These tracks were made in between 1997 and 1998 so you can expect heavy doses of psychedelia as well as some goa goodness. And it's nothing like I have heard.


As I mentioned there is the drumming which could be done on a real kit for all I know as it sounds that real. A dark component is there as well as effects ripple in between the screaming and scraping leads. It's very overloaded and like the promo says "a digital polish" with "everything on 11" has been applied. From the chaotic screaching of the lead in Monkey Shines to the alien creatures of Squawk skittering over this planet's surface. Everything is intense and pushes the gas pedal all the way to the floor. Ever take a turn at 90mph? Well this barrel rolls about 20 times and keeps on going.


Catapult has a bassline that reminds me of Colorbox as well as sounding like Koxbox. That's a lot of box and this box has some aggressive goa tendencies. Snowblind is an effects driven show and Angry Little Men (With Sharp Sticks) and Ants 4 Breakfast is...f*ck me I don't know what it is. Acid sodomy? I dunno...


But what's cool about this release is that it undergoes so many transformations within the track that you really are taken on quite the ride. It's hard to believe that this was made almost 15 years ago. You're not gonna find a main melody that keeps getting repeated. Oh no, just a healthy heaping of psychedelic madness with pumping rhythms and crystal clear sounds. It might be a bit much to take in one sitting, but give it a shot. I don't think you will be disappointed.


Variety, she is the spice of life no?





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Drosophila    104

Great great album.... really wondering why there are no other responses on this review?!??!!? :o


And yes I agree it is hard to believe that this was originally written ~15 years ago! But I am thankful that it was finally released to the masses ^_^

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Oh man I downloaded it some time ago, but did not give it a proper listening. thanks for reminding me the existence of this album.

It definitely will grow on me

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