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Haldolium - Tide Fusion EP Vol. 1


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Artist: Haldolium

Title: Tide Fusion EP

Label: Blue Tunes Records

Date: December, 2011


1.Unknown Language (Haldolium Remix)

2. Train Boogie (Haldolium Remix)


Doing a little EP shopping and came across this. I had pretty much written off Haldolium after Deagua as it just wasn't my style. Yes I'm well aware that was over 10 years ago. But like the LA county justice system I'm full of 2nd chances. Here is a little two tracker where the duo tackle two tracks by progressive artist Phaxe.


Unknown Language (Haldolium Remix)- There is an oscillating quality to this that still keeps the foundation from the original. And that haunting melody from the original is definitely something to remember. Warm and inviting the sound is clean and sharp. He brings some other synths to play in supporting roles and it sounds just as massive. Beautiful, melodic progressive.


Train Boogie (Haldolium Remix)- I'm glad someone decided to remix this. As I said in my review of the Train Boogie EP, this was lacking. Like a shark took a bite and all that was left was a piece of the surfboard and maybe the leash. It's a slow grower with a f*ckload of reverb. But where it trumps the original is in content. There is just more to chew on here. They love the oscillating synths and the break beat was a nice treat. Easily an improvement.


Good job by this project. Not too distant from the originals, but enough to make it their own. Very melodic with an easy groove. Maybe I should check these guys out and see what they've been doing lately?






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