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Master Margherita - The Marginal Rules


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Artist: Master Margherita

Title: The Marginal Rules

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Date: May, 2011


1. Agung Part I

2. Atesh (Hoehle rmx)

3. Nepalesio

4. Bugnite

5. Tactile

6. Spy Game (Hoehle rmx)

7. Lisbon Dub

8. Agung Part II



Blue Hour Sounds is an up and coming label based in Italy. They are responsible for the Made of Dawn and Garden of Delights compilations as well as a series of EP's based on colors. Not to mention (at least for me) the highly anticipated Ianuaria release Beware of the Fish. I cannot confirm the title is a warning to all Gulf Coast residents after the BP...umm, accident. Nonetheless, their music is a little bit different.


Speaking of different...


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Master Margherita defines what it is to be a little left of center. His music anyway. This is Moreno Antognini's latest release after Mastura and Hippies With Gadgets.



Agung Pt. 1- Is there anything more relaxing than the soothing sounds of nature and a soft buddhist chant? Like the slow breaking of dawn comes the increase in loudness and the gentle patter of a rainshower. A mystical melody from ancient times wails, dripping with sadness. It gets a little hallucinatory as he monkeys with the modulation wheel, and where the hell did that guitar come from? All then fades into the steady rain.


That...is an opening statement.


Atesh (Hoehle Rmx)- The beat crawls slowly as a stringed instrument is plucked with ferocity. The female vocal is rife with delay and then he dubs out. It creeps at a snails pace while he adds a flute to the mix. Seriously, you couldn't purposefully walk this slow. It's enough to make me reach for the bong. You know, the one the wife doesn't know about?


Posted Image

Please...you think I like barbecue Pringles?



Nepalesio- The great cat purrs softly as this is another crawler. If I didn't know any better I would say he sampled a squeaker fart and then messed with it. For creativity, he gets an A. Picture being in a coffee house with 5 of your closest stoner friends and jamming on the stage. Only it's not open mic night, it's 2:30 in the afternoon. Then realizing none of you whizz bangs hit record on the sequencer.


That's what this is.


Bugnite- Out of the stoned slumber we come, with a brisker pace. Hippie tablas thump in a funky groove. Well as funky as an unwashed stoner can manage.


Posted Image

It's percussion pandemonium!


Aside from some synth sounds, the same guys that got kicked out of the coffee shop decided to form a drum circle in the parking lot.


No loitering!



Tactile- "Tactile, emotional, or sexual?"


With a funky breakbeat he takes a page out of the Propellerheads book. Bass and beat combined with sharp stabs and stacatto samples. Did I mention it was funky?


The weed must've worn off and his focus was laser sharp. I liked it.



Spy Game (Hoehle Rmx)- Holy sh*t did I just step into a James Bond movie? Love the orchestra hits. It's got that cool Puffy trying to be like Frank Sinatra vibe with electric piano and real bass. Jazzy. Feel like rounding up all of my friends and heading to Vegas to drink vodka I can't afford, gamble poorly with money I don't have, and then unfortunately coming home to the beating of my life when my wife realizes I left the kids in the closet with a bunch of kibble for the weekend.


Posted Image


It's gonna take a lot more than that sir...



Lisbon Dub- So...now where back to being mellow with random sounds?


*leans out window and shouts to friends*

"Pack it up guys, time to go home!"


This is some random sh*t right here. Mid tempo beats, more percussive trickery, and some odd sounds. Did I accidentally drop some LSD and put the wrong disc in? Where the f*ck are my Doritos?



Agung Pt. 2- 16 minutes?


I bet 7 of that is rain.




Holy f*ck I was right. Seven minutes of rain. You lazy cheeba monkey.


Is this the part where the stoner tries to tell you that the blue color of the sky is a conspiracy by the government to sell blue paint to artists so they can paint the sky blue? This guy's music is weird and oftentimes all over the place. I swear this whole album is improv. I'm always complaining that there isn't enough evolution and variation in the music, well here it is. This guy is the king. It's like trying to follow a map after I spilled coffee all over it. Who the f*ck knows where we're going? The album opens up with a very spiritual ambient track and then descends into a smokers paradise of slow beats only to pick up with some frenetic percussion work and on the spot jamming. Obviously I don't think he did it in one take, but man did it feel directionless and random. It's different, a mish mash of styles in true experimental fashion. Downtempo, tribal, jazz, dub...sometimes all rolled into one track. I don't know the guy, so I can't tell you if he gets high or not. I can't tell you that after a recording session he might not be able to find his way home from the studio.


But what I can tell you is that after not smoking for over 10 years, his music makes me want to get high.












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