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Paraklang - Liquid Jungle EP

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Artist: Paraklang

Title: Liquid Jungle

Label: None

Date: October, 2011


01 - 4 Drops Away (147 BPM)

02 - Particular Mutation (147 BPM)

03 - Second Mind Disaster (146 BPM)

04 - Fast Slide (149 BPM)


That is the coolest cover ever. It's a tongue right?


A tongue from the Matrix maybe. Volker Wiesmann from the Fatherland is releasing his debut EP . The style is forest/darkpsy/twilight according to the promo. Pretty accurate too.



4 Drops Away- "There's pressure in here."


It's bubbly and has the touch of cold machinery all over it. When it gets all glitchy with the hollowed out bass I'm all ears. The break is like a nest of electronic critters swarming hungrily over what was once human. Pretty visceral stuff. A little more variation would've been nice on a track that is over 9 minutes, but it's not bad at all.


Particular Motion- This reminds me of some of the stuff from Wild Things Records. Full steam ahead with loads of effects, but not much melody to speak of. But he takes a turn here with a chopped up melody that suits the dark computer style. Can I get a little help with the sample from some of our German speaking folk? It's crazy.


Second Mind Disaster- "It is a tradition in American life to respect young people."


Since when? With all the old f*cks in congress? This has the familiar scratchy sound you hear in a lot of darkpsy. Squirty sounds litter this thing as it undergoes numerous changes.


Fast Slide- More glitchy style with crunchy sounds and effects. It began to pick up steam at the 6 minute mark and reminds me of the sound you get when you blow through a straw.


I liked his use of effects and his dark tone. Unfortunately is came off as a little thin. 8 and 9 minute tracks are great if you're telling a story, but they need to be filled in a bit. The computer/android vibe was cool and maybe he just needs a few pads to give it some depth. A memorable melody or two wouldn't hurt either. But what you can easily tell here is that he has talent. The sound is awesome and full on liquid so his mastering is spot on. I hope he releases some more stuff as I would be interested in seeing how he evolves. Thanks for the free music!





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