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Ajanta - Perception of Time EP


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Artist: Ajanta
Title: Perception of Time EP
Label: UAF Records
Date: September, 2011

01 - Perception Of Time (125 BPM)
02 - Taraka's Forest (145 BPM)
03 - Lunar Garden (115 BPM)

Another release from the folks at UAF with cover design by Richpa, mastering by Keamia, and Daan van Heesch the mind behind this short 3 track EP.

Perception of Time- "Light can be used to control gravity. And since gravity controls time, then that meant that I can use light to control time."

He's got a funky breakbeat thing happening here, with some space pads. The layering of sharp bright tones brings a smiling quality to the track. The lead sounds become more apparent and the whole thing is pretty happy if not very complex

Taraka's Forest- Another track that is fairly simple and without much bite. The lead is pretty aggressive as he filters the crap out of it, but it ain't that deep.

Lunar Garden- Mid tempo goa trance with a sunshine vibe. It seems a bit more complex than the other two tracks with more sounds. I like the bubbling lead a lot. My favorite of the three.

This isn't going to knock your Filteria CDs off the shelf, but it was worth a listen. The more goa trance styles the better I say. This was done in a laid back style with the intent to make you smile rather than knock you over with a wall of melodies. Also it's free so you can't really complain about that. Unless you're a dick. So don't be a dick.



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Information :


Artist : Ajanta

Title : Perception of Time

Label : Underground Alien Factory Records

Date : 28 September 2011

Genre : Ambient, Goa trance


Tracklist :


1. Perception of Time

2. Taraka's Forest

3. Lunar Garden


Review :


So this is a short EP made by Ajanta.This release start with a nice downtempo track, Perception of Time. It as a unique style and sound very original. It has soft note and it's really relaxing. You'll need several listenings in order to correctly appreciate the end of the song, filled with a lot of melodies. So that's a nice way to start an EP, but how about the next ?

The upcoming song, Taraka's Forest , is more a kind of nitzhogoa song, with it's powerful kick and faster BPM, this all accompanied with acid synth notes. That's good hearing someone doing some nitzhonot stuff in a newschool way, however here the tune lack of power, in particular the acid synth melodies coming in the end of the song. This is something nicely done, but not catchy enough. Nice attempt at doing some nitzhogoa stuff anyway !

Le'ts now talk about the last track, Lunar Garden. This is more a downtempo goa trance track. It has some beautiful melody and there's an awesome voice sample sounding like the last words from a dying alien (yea or I don't know what kind of half human - half monster things, as long as it can speak) that fit strangly well together. It all does sound more than just correct and this lead to a nice final melody, having a lot of different elements playing at the same time and completing each other very well. Of course this isn't a bad track, but there's nothing exceptionnal about it, except for the voice sample.



Overall :


Not bad, but not extraordinary. That's the best words in order to describe this EP.

Of course, there are beautiful melodies packed in this release, in particular in the last track, and there has been several attempt at making different genre, by example with the second song that sound more nitzhogoa like. However, what miss in this release is something upper than the general, something that stand out from the rest.


Good :

  • Different genre (Ambient, goa trance, nitzhogoa)
  • Originality


Bad :

  • It miss of something that stand out of the rest
  • Lack of powerful melodies



Rating : 6,5/10



To buy it :

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wow that must be one of the most amazing cover i have seen!


I use time in order to write a review and all what you're talking about is the f****** cover ?


Just joking ;). Well yeah this is a nice cover, I could read in Trance2MoveU's review that it was made by Richpa. This guys is doing great job, I think the best cover from him were the one for "the call of goa" release.

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