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"V/A - Ritmo & Rocky: The Floater Remixes"


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Artist: Various

Title: The Floater Remixes

Label: Iono Music

Date: July, 2011


1. Floater - Ritmo & Rocky

2. Floater (Motion Drive Remix)

3. Floater (Andrea Bertolini Remix)

4. Floater (TimeDrained Remix)


Iono Music is to progressive what Charmin is to toilet paper. There's plenty of choices out there, but only one you would want to wipe your...hmmm. Not where I wanted to go with that. How about Iono is to progressive what Hershey's is to chocolate. But the vast majority of you are European so you probably wipe your ass with Hershey's. Ok, ok...Iono is to progressive what Jean Claude Van Damme is to horrible acting.


There, I think that is something we can all agree on.


Floater- "One man's loss...is just another man's gain."


When you put these two guys together this is exactly what you would expect they would come up with. Really pumping progressive trance with all the bells and whistles. Thumping kick? Yep, like the nuns that used to whack my knuckles for saying the f-word. Whooshes? More than you can imagine. Masterful break work? You know it. It's a churning and pumping track that leaves the cheese at the door. Good work gentlemen.


Floater (Motion Drive Remix)- Philip Guillaume from the land of chocolate and precision time pieces throws his hat into the ring with an oscillating bass that will rattle some windows let me tell ya. And he does a remix right, keeping the stuff that makes it memorable and adding his own housey feel. Just when I thought he was letting it go a little long he slides that break in there and comes out the back end with some call and response synths. A groovy piece of sunshine is what this is.


Floater (Andrea Bertolini Remix)- Damnit I fall for it everytime. But Andrea is a girl's name! Anything else is like telling me the sky is pink. If you thought the previous track had a house beat, then let me introduce you to this. It swells like a sprained ankle complete with delicate keystrokes and sunshine smiles.


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The melody is so overwhelmingly positive that you cannot help but get caught up in the dancing frenzy. The intensity builds as he delivers wave after wave of melody that totally transformed the original. Absolutely f*cking nailed it.


Floater (TimeDrained Remix)- The track from Rasmus Tue Jørgensen has some darker textures from the outset. His break is also pretty sweet with echoes from the original in the background. But he brings in a new melody that meshes very well and this is just quality progressive trance. Hard to top the immediate high from the previous track though.


This was an awesome EP that shows you how remixes should be done. All of the tracks had parts of the original in it, but were different enough to make them interesting. Great progressive trance and house with Mr. Bertolini stealing the show with an absolute blast of sunshine. Highly recommended.





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