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Freaky Forest is the debut compilation from Troll N' Roll Records, Sweden, featuring a wide assortment of

psytrance styles composed from 2004 to 2011.


A long time ago in a town called Trollhättan a seed was planted in a group of young freaks who began to expand their minds to the sound of various kinds of electronic music. After a couple of years of crazy journeys through time and space some of us started to experiment with sounds of our own. Soon, more and more people started DJing and producing beats, and in 2010 we started talking about gathering the whole "Trollective" and to put out all the material yet unreleased. The idea is not to limit ourselves to a specific genre but to release all kinds of electronic sounds.


So enjoy! And let's Troll N' Roll! =)




Artist: Various

Name: Freaky Forest

Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com

Genre: Psytrance, Forest, Suomisaundi, Darkpsy, Goa,

Format: WAV-FLAC-MP3

Mastering: Johan Ohlsson (aka Perko/Oliveira)

Artwork: Oscar Bodin http://www.oscarbodin.se

Release Date: 2011-12-22





01.Total - Freaky Forest 2004

02.Trance-Ingvars - All The Answers

03.Toxic Anger Syndrome - Trollskogen

04.Gubbology - Monster Quest

05.Aremakki - Cream Delivery

06.Oliveira - Wednesdays

07.RotSystem - Uven

08.Katastrof - Oiije

09.SEKT - Sleten Horunge

10.Varanta - Mystical Temple


Free download @



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