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Sueños Inconclusos


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Hello there,


Here is a fresh downtempo mix, it was featured in the Winter Solstice event on difm: http://www.di.fm/cal...php?event=32625




Yizé - Sueños Inconclusos (Downtempo/63min/320kbps)


01. Krill Minima - Nautica

02. Rena Jones - Helix (Evac remix)

03. Perfect Blind - Nimbus Two

04. Greg Hunter and Mauxuam - Cirrus Neptuna

05. Oxya - Tile

06. Yarema - Long Way

07. Erofex - Big Guys Dub

08. Sync24 - Adrift In Time (Drumatix Edit)

09. Carbon Based Lifeforms - T Rex Echoes

10. Maurizio Piazza - Hundred Miles

11. Field Rotation - Gedanken Wie Diese

12. Field Rotation - Zeitreise

13. Interlect 3000 - What's Going on in the world

14. Saiko Pod - Going Down in Chinatown





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Thanks for sharing, interesting tracklist, downloading :)

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