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Best nonpsy tracks you discovered this year


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Funny, I was about to create a topic about non-psy music that are great. I keep looking for ambient and chill-out tracks to play on my lounge, I even created a topic sometime ago asking for tips. A lot of people suggested some online FMs that play psy chill-out, but I discovered that my patrons just hate drum'n'bass chill-out, a horrible genre that I can't understand at all. What is the point of writing tracks that are supposed to make you feel easy with irritating discontinuous drum? So, I opened my search and I finally found out the perfect, really perfect, chill-out stuff that everybody loves to listent to. It's so good that it's one of the reasons that make my patrons to return to my lounge bar. I don't know how it's called, but I think it's Ibiza Chill-out. Best thing ever in the ambient area.


Here's one of the favorite tracks, one that people ask me "please, play that again?"


Magic Island - Paradise (Dj Shah Ambient Remix)



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oh man there are TONS!! As a general rule I'd say that dubstep bought the most (pleasant) surprises this year in spite the over-commercialisation of the style there is still plenty of uncharted territory to discover ;) And as an artist I must say that I'm most impressed by Avicii, this guy is just 21, came out of nowhere, using just a pc and FL Studio and is releasing massive hit after massive hit! How the hell does he do it?? Anyway, here is my list of best of the best of 2011 in each category:


Best dubstep:





Best electro:


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