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I think the IMBA/KURO track is the best 2012 Psy I've heard so far. REALLY massive production.


Thanks a lot mate! :blush::wub:


As i said KURO is preparing albums, one should be psy/goa and another techno how he said. We also started 2 another tracks, one is almost finished just we need to do mix but we can't before KURO finish his own stuff which i think it will be next week... One is very very bright stuff, like old school japanese goa and another is more i don't know how to describe... emotional/magical? :D


I believe new tracks will be much better because i learn really a lot from KURO, he is great mentor :)



EDIT: We will make Zoa remix too, we got files :)

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Now that you are in good connections with some japanese, how about you ask Ubar Tmar some news? :P I crave for a new goapsywicked album.



We spoke few times but i am not that good with him like with KURO and Masa, but i gonna ask him now ;)

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some released and upcoming music from 2012, all the same style more or less but hopefully some people here dig it:


Dharana - The Other Side

Merkaba - Ancient Relics

Tetrameth - Suburban Sorcerer

VA - Low Bass Within

VA - Psychoactive World

VA - Restekpa

VA - The Flip Side

VA - The Young Man On Acid

Zeamoon - Sawtooth Surgery


check em out! :)

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No Qulams & 3l3mental Records have teamed up to give you the 'No Qulams EP'. An all Aussie release featuring some of the craftiest artist's from the land down under. Release date is roughly 3 weeks! Keep an ear out folks!




1. Fidjit - The Ritual

2. Legacy - Shift Number

3. Jekyll - One Vibration

4. Mult1verse - The Road To Nowhere

5. Major Inkling - Interepid Beaver

6. Tasty Thought Productions - Dodo Discharge

7. Tomple2oon - Cellular Prognosis

8. Endure – 10 To Seven

9. Illume - Silence

10. Bushmech - Splendorous Speewah






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Our debut VA Space of Power. The Legend about Great Existence of the Universe. Release will be in february.


We have suprise for goa trance lovers. It wiil be debut album of Psy-H Project (Igor Kititskiy) "Dance of Distant Worlds". Igor was make nice mixing for his tracks with Dimitro (Alienapia, Zymosis). Album is ready - its very beautiful trippy story. Release will be in april-may.


You can look his live here:




And we planned second VA Logos in 2012 year. Goa trance. Maby it will be in september.


So, i waiting new Suntrip VA and new album of Filteria.


This video is great. Looking forward to hear his album.
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