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2012 is almost here, so do you know about any release (that matters)?


Astral Projection very likely will release their album. That's great. I would love to hear new stuff from X-Dream (without the vocals, please), Man With No Name, The Delta.

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The Nommos

+1. Also the Osom site suggests that there's a new Kindzadza release coming in 2011. But since that's not terribly plausible at this stage let's hope it'll be a 2012 release.

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From the top of my head, Sky Technology's album and the next Cronomi releases. Also the goa VA from Global Sect.


Otherwise I can't really name anything at this point.


Anyone know if there's gonna be more Fragletrollet? On the psytrance front there's not much I'm waiting except hidden gems I guess.

Astral Projection very likely will release their album.


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I confirm a new Suntrip VA for february. We are working very hard to make it unforgettable.


And also the second Crossing Mind album.


And... maybe RA? (cross fingers with me)

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All i wish for is a new artifact303 album. I hope my expectations are realistic knowing his album released this year. Even if towards the end of the year , I will be over the moon.


Other releases i hope for:


Drury Nevil - darkpsy

Papiyan - darkpsy

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Cosmosis will soon release an experimental album, I read somewhere with much interest that was music improvised and recorded at the HR Giger museum in Switzerland, I am waiting for that with high expectations as the preview video was very nice.


And guys sooner or later i will announce smth with DAT, something will get released in 2012, no worries. It will either be an album or a VA, is yet being discussed/decided but top stuff :)

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New Terrafractyl is well due! ^_^


Electronic Evolution is definitely, totally and utterly

Well well overdue!


He said its all done on the writing side of things so hopefully its just the pressing/release stuff to happen!

Will be so incredibly worth the wait if the tracks off Myriad Expressions are anything to go by... Slipstream is one of the best tracks Ive ever heard in my life! <3

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Terrafractyl just said on facebook that Electronic Evolution will be hopefully out' by Feb :) but he's said things like that a few times now hasn't he :P


Sensient's new album will be 2nd quarter of next year :D


Also I think Abakus has an album almost complete :)

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They confirmed a new Juno Reactor main album for 2012 along with the remix album part 2 with remixes from only japanese artists, like Ree. K, K.U.R.O. and Masa. So add those to my waiting list. Hoping for some more goa sounding Juno..


New Juno Reactor Remix Album:

From the Land of the Rising Sun "Inside The Reactor II


This album include only remix tracks produce by Japanese Artist.


Limited Edition for the 20 years anniversary of Juno Reactor !!!


We are happy to confirm that Juno Reactor will release a new studio album in 2012.


Cat No. : WKYDEP011

Release Date :2012.1.18 (Wed)

Sales Territories:World Wide


Tracks :

1: Komit / Sine6 Remix

2: Tokyo Dub / Tri-Force Remix

3: God is god / Cylon Remix

4: Nitrogen Part 2 / Spectra Sonics Remix

5: Biot Messiah / Diabolic Art Remix

6: Laughing Gas / Masaya Fujino Remix

7: Mars / Masa Remix

8: Kaguya hime / Ree.K Remix

9: Conquistador Part 2 / K.U.R.O. Remix


Available at Itunes, Beatport, Techno.to

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I think K.U.R.O. is back. I speak with him last night and he is planning something in near future. I am proud to say that we started track together and hope i will have some preview soon. We have idea to make album together for next year to, who knows, maybe we do it for really. And maybe K.U.R.O. new album.


By the way i think Jikooha will release new album next year too!

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