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"V/A - Digital Breed Vol. III Unfinished Business"

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Artist: Various

Title: Digital Breed Vol. III Unfinished Business

Label: MMD Records

Date: November, 2011


1. Stigmata - Critical Mass

2. Brutal Train Blues - Super Evil

3. Sweet Delicious Nose Clams - EMP

4. Enemy's Worst Nightmare - Orca



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Oh Yeah...hold on, be with you in a sec...


MMD Records from South Africa has been a strong player in the digital market releasing numerous EP's where the twilight genre is well represented. This is the third installment of the Digital Breed series with 3 out of 4 artists I have never heard of. I have to say that the quality has been on the rise with each EP in the series, so...high hopes everybody!


Stigmata- "Some things are the same and some things aren't. People...make different choices and...and therefore end up in different places."


That screeching synth in the beginning almost approaches unbearable white noise, but Mr. Mass knows what he's doing. I guess, I mean he's a music scientist right? He's got monkeys flinging acid and a pretty tight groove so he's got that going for him. Or them. I have no clue who this project is. Hold up, I found his Facebook page. This is Daniel Honor aka Iron Lotus. The leads were ok and it was intense. Not bad.


Brutal Train Blues- I've only heard one track from these guys before and I remember not liking it. I don't recall if they butt f*cked it with all the guitars they have in this one, but I still don't like it. Remember when Depeche Mode were effeminate males with weird haircuts, makeup, and mad dark, brooding electronica? Then when Personal Jesus came out they added guitars so they wouldn't seem so...gay. Dave Gore even wore a cowboy hat in the video that continued to make zero sense whatever. Which kinda made him seem even gayer. Like a member of the Village People. Anyway that's what this is...lots of guitars to cover up the bad music. And I mean lots of guitars. As a general rule, any track that has a sample saying "Bass" in it sucks sweaty goat dick.


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"Yeah, take it super evil, take it! Not so super now, are ya? Think I haven't heard the horny crack before? Well get ready for some goat's milk motherf*cker, you've been served! Oh..and that's for 9/11, b*tch!"



Sweet Delicious Nose Clams- "We're stuck in first we need to boost our rpm's a little bit."


And here we have the winner of the EP. Not only is it powerful as f*ck, but it has 2 kick ass samples and leads that are spooky in the way clowns are spooky. Yeah, they're fun...just don't turn your back on them. But damnit...I cannot help dancing to this. Even the wheelchair bound find this appealing.


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"Cmon man if anything can make you walk it is THIS track. But you've gotta want it!"



Enemy's Worst Nightmare- "If you pass this course, you will be a psychic weapon. Angel of death. Our enemy's worst nightmare. Until that time, you are nothing...less than nothing! Do you understand?"


Orca is always good for a pounding bass line and a bucket load of acid. Metallic effects pour over you and he gets the groove rolling right away. I swear he could make some of his lead sounds with a turntable. Nightmare pads get the portamento treatment driving you further into hallucination as the soft tones speak of the dichotomy between good and evil. The last bit is verrrrry dance friendly.


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Elmo likes twilight and peeing in the potty!



This was a good EP. I kinda felt obligated to get it since I got the previous two. I'm such a completionist. You get one good track, a great track, an awesome stomping track, and a how the f*ck did this make it on the EP track.






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