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Talpa - The Moon Remixes EP


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Artist: Various

Title: The Moon Remixes EP

Label: TesseracT Studio

Date: October, 2011


1. The Moon (Hardy Veles Remix)

2. The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix)


Back in 2004 Goran exploded onto the scene with the epic and groundbreaking The Art of Being Non. Lately he has been funking sh*t up with his Riddler project in a progressive manner, but I hear a new Talpa album is in the works. Always good news as his first album was so truly different than anything heard at the time. Orchestral, psychedelic...you name it.


His 2nd album...


Posted Image

All right, that's a little on the harsh side, but calling it a disappointment wouldn't be an understatement. So I guess he's making contacts with the right people because he's giving you a taste by releasing this 2 track EP on one of the best progressive trance labels out there. The Moon is from his first album and I'll be honest, I felt it was one of his weakest tracks. The singing got on my nerves and I couldn't get past it.


But that's why they make remixes.



And he got two very fine projects for the job. Hardy Veles is Goran Grubic and he makes quite the psychedelic monster. It incorporates the vocal with rumbly bass giving the whole thing a very mystical feel. Not progressive in the least, but psytrance with a dark edge.


Flegma & Nerso should need no introduction as makers of some of the most detailed and melodic progressive trance today. Their version is a long one with percussive clicking and alien footsteps. Effects whiz past the ear as sounds echo deep into the night. The vocal that I didn't like on the the original is still there, but the way it is framed here amidst the effects and eerie melodies gives the whole track a ritualistic vibe.


Nice little EP he's got here. It's more psytrance with some progressive leanings, but it worked very well. See, this is how remixes are supposed to be. Take a track and make it different while still holding onto some of the original flair. Nice work.





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Good remixes! He remixed one of his best (according to many people) tracks! This is one of the FEW tracks in Psytrance that I have enjoyed with the vocals (though I'm glad he keeps vocals/singing to a minimum). Is this EP going to be part of a new album maybe? Or a sign that he's going to release a new album entirely with all new tracks?! We're ready! :)


The Moon Hardy Veles Remix is GREAT! I recommend this kickass, edgy track. There appears to be more buildup, sound variety, movement, and imagination here over the other remix. I find this extremely well done and love the mythical/fantasy feel...and the booming beat, buildup, alterations, sound fx, and how it plays out. This is catchy!


The Moon Flegma & Nerso Remix is pretty good. I find it (maybe it's the beat and/or length) just slightly repetitive but overall well done.




I could go for a whole remix album of his debut, or rather a powerful follow up if its in Goran's interest and ability. I know many people would love that. The Art of Being Non is one of the most fun, creative, and gleefully dark psytrance albums I have ever heard. I can't believe its been 7 years since the debut.


Filteria has released three since the year Talpa's debut arrived. The style was so imaginative, fun, dark, and exciting...filled with ingenuity and cleverness. Then came along When The Somberness Becomes A Game, which (with few exceptions) doesn't sound as if it's from the same artist.


Please release another killer album Talpa!

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